Kris Holm T-bar touring handle

I would like to get a flavor for the strength and durability of
of the Kris Holm touring bar. Does this product handle crashes well?


I haven’t heard of many (any?) people braking them since he beefed up the tube hanger shortly after they came out.

I have what I believe to be is an original KH touring bar. (not beefed up) Based on my riding skills or lack there of, :smiley: it has taken quite a number of heavy landings and has not broken yet.

If you do have the original Kris was (an I am sure still is) sending out the beefed up tube hanger to anyone with the weaker version.

We should go for a ride again some time. I am going to the city tomorrow for a show. Throw me a PM if you want to go for a ride.

Yeah I probably should get the heavier version. I wonder if I should email Kris or UDC Canada where I purchased it from.

I emailed you re: riding tomorrow.

I don’t crash my 36er very often, so I can’t say how it’ll handle an impact, but it’s pretty stout and well made, so it’s as least as durable as the other touring bars. You could always add some sort of rubber “cap” to the impact zone to prevent jarring hits.

I broke my first tube hanger, but I suspect that was the old type. Since replacing it with the new version it has been holding up fine, although I have not had a UPD quite like the one that broke the first one yet.

The real question is where do I find one? UDC has been sold out for ages.

I hear that I was watching UDC in US all summer for one, they seem impossible to find in the US. I think UDC Canada has them it just will cost more to get it.

The Kris Holm T-bar touring handle is SOLD OUT everywhere! I’m looking to get one for my soon-to-be-purchased 26" Nimbus Oracle. Could it be that Kris has something new planned for 2012 or are they just that hard to come by? Also, does anyone foresee any complications attaching a T-bar to the Nimbus Gel seat that comes standard on the Oracle or should I just go ahead and get a Freeride saddle (which is also sold out at UDC USA) since I don’t care much for the Gel saddle on my Impulse?

Can be fitted on all KH and Nimbus saddles with new base

Yep, 2009+.