Kris Holm t-bar or similar touring handle

well after trying a friends 36er and using his Kris holm T-bar i realized that i prefer it 100% to the T-7 handle that i’m currently using on my 36er. i can’t afford to buy the KH T-bar outright but i’d love to find a used one.

so here’s the deal if you have a KH t-bar or similar touring handlebar(as i know many folks have made their own) that you would like to sell(or trade for a t-7 and rail type seatpost) then please post here with a picture and measurements of your handlebar. i prefer something that either attaches to the seat post, frame, or like the KH T-bar directly to the saddle. i’d like to spend around say $40 on something but i’m open to any and all offers that don’t exceed $80ish USD.

thanks for reading and i hope you can help me out.