Kris Holm T-BAR [HELP]

I’m contemplating the idea of getting a Kris Holm T-BAR soon. But what’s stopping me, is some concerns. I’m riding a KH 29", and I’ve been unicycling for 5 months…

Assuming, I got used to the T-BAR,

Can I make quick turns, with my hands on the bar ends?
Do I hold the bar ends while attempting to do rollback mount, or still stick to hold the front of the saddle?

Is there anything that I should know about the T-BAR? Additional info?

Sorry if I sounded dumb by asking such questions… quite new to this! :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks a lot community!

It takes a bit of getting used to, but you can do anything with the T bar that you could do before hand.

I have a KH T bar on my KH 36. I use the seat handle for mounting and would not have my hands on the bar for quick turns.

You will need to have a newer model KH Fusion seat (the one with allen head bolts on the bottom not capped nuts) in order to install the stiffener plate and T bar so this might add some extra cost to your project if you need this seat.

I found that riding with the handle does take some practice in order to get comfortable with it.