Kris Holm Sym Cranks

I am selling my origional, not available on the market as far as I can find, Kris Holm Sym Cranks. These were designed for the trials rider to be better for crank grabs. Let me tell you… they work great. I’m just looking to get a different crank set since I’ve had these for so long… They cost $130 brand new… and these things were way more durable than my onza tensile cranks. Personal preference. I bent my tensiles. These things are bomb proof. Will take trades for other cranks probably + some cash. But just offer. Can get pics upon request.

Onza Limey Unicycles Rock. P.S. whoever said they hit their knees on the frame is a retard.

Look here for pics & more info:

Thanks for the post!

i will trade you some KH 125s for them. are they still in good condition?

Yea they are still in really good condition. The only one with scratches on it is the right side one…

Still open to some offers

What’s the weight on these?
I have a pair of 150mm KH moments.

Phill! Ill take the kh125mm cranks off your hands :smiley: How much fr them? pics?

Onza Limeys are so terrible, I hit my knees all day.