Kris Holm Spirit two hole cranks?

OK don’t laugh as I’m new to the sport and have a question… I’m looking at buying an 26" Nimbus Oracle from and see that I can order it with up grade “two hole cranks” 127mm/150mm.

Here is the question is there a downside to these cranks? My biggest concern is if I have the pedal on the short hole will the extended end of the crank rub on my shoe as I pedal or worst yet trip my foot up as it goes around? I hope you can picture what I’m talking about. Thanks

I worried about that. The answer is: don’t worry. I have them on my 29 and 36. It is not even nearly the problem that you are imagining. They are good.

If you’re buying the Oracle for muni/XC, then you’ll probably be spending more time with the pedals in the 150mm holes, without any of the crank arm protruding. You’ll enjoy changing to 127mm for more flowy rides, however. The Q factor (width of your stance on the pedals) of the KH cranks is greater than what comes stock with the Oracle.

They’re fine. I have them on my muni hence usually on the 150 setting, but as I also use that for general transport I sometimes switch to the 127 holes and don’t even notice the extra crank sticking out. Just tuck your shoelaces in, but then you should do that anyway. Nor do I notice the extra Q factor compared to my other unis - too much else going on with a uni to worry about that!

No problems whatsoever.

I’ve been riding my dual hole cranks on 127mm for most of this summer and have not once had an issue.

If you do the ordering, make sure you order Moments. (not Spirits)
Spirits have the extra Q factor because of the outboard rotor. The Oracle is an inboard rotor so it would need Moment cranks.

That being said… I thought I would pimp out my spare uni (29"Oracle) with dual hole cranks just like my KH29, but after a whole summer on 127’s with no desire to ever go back to the 150’s, I decided to put a set of Venture 125’s on the Oracle (30"diameter) to match the ride of the Spirit 127’s on the KH (31"diameter).

These two munis ride very similar now.

I’ve caught a loop of shoelace once with a modified SINZ multi-hole crank. generally it’s a non-issue. You are not going to hit your foot or ankle or anything and a dual hole crank does not have that long of a tag end for catching shoelaces when riding on the inner hole.

There is only 2 mm difference in Q-factor between Moments and Spirits. Both are excellent cranks. Moments might be a bit stronger but the Spirits are a bit more refined and have a disk mount for if you want to use them on another unicycle without a disk hub.

If you get dual hole cranks a high quality quick release seatpost clamp is a worthwhile investment.

always tuck the laces!! It just seems like a silly thing to write in an obituary: “loose shoelace got caught around unicycle hub, face slammed into pavement.”

I did this when I first started riding. I learned a valuable lesson that day!

In all seriousness, the little sticky-out bit of crank is just as much of a problem as the rest of the crank on the other side - ie. not a problem at all!