Kris Holm SIte problems?

Does anyone know if there are problems with the Kris Holm web site? I tried to open it and was given a message saying I was forbidden to enter.


same here:(

It’s been like that for about a week.

You have to be at least skill level 5 to get on.

How dose the computer know what level you are?..

…Its obviously under construction :stuck_out_tongue:

The “problem” is that the site received several 10’s of thousands of visits in the space of a few hours, which totally blew out my bandwidth allowance. Thankfully my web host took the site down before it cost a fortune in excess bandwidth charges.

But now it’s back!



So does anyone know what brought about the huge and sudden demand?

Spring? Nice weather?

I like the new format!

(It IS new, right?)

That explains alot Kris.

Someone go to my thread called starting unicycling

I wanted to see the spec of the 24" unicycles. Or more importantly the rims of the 24" unicycles.

I am planning getting a 24" Kris Holm at the end of the month, and I have been trying to work out the best one for me.

I ride cross country, but there a few big hills I want to ride up, and it is because of this that I am still a bit undecided. I like the idea of the cross country’s lighter tyre, and rim, but I also like the idea of the 165mm cranks on the Freeride.

I am riding a 26" Pashley just now with 150mm cranks, and I would like more leverage on the climbs. Will the fact that I am dropping a wheel size make a lot of difference?

The Freeride is out of stock on, where as the cross country is in stock, but if I had to I would wait for the Freeride.


Did you check out the link “what KH uni is best for you”?

The 150’s are a good match with the 2.6" tire, and even though the overall weight of the XC isn’t a lot less than the Freeride, the effective weight is noticably less because the weight savings is in the most important area- the rim and tire.

The KH24XC is strong- in a way I wish I’d called it the KH24 Freeride “lite”. The XC rim is only 1.2mm narrower than an Alex DX32 and comparably strong, so if you didn’t like the 2.6" tire you could always get a 3". I’d say try the 2.6 first though, because it does feel quite a bit lighter for climbing hills.


Thanks Kris

I think the Cross Country 24" is the best option for me, I’m sure the Cross Country rim will be stronger than I will ever need anyway.

I’ll check out the link.