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>That’s what happens when you buy them on the street.
>My Molex watch quit working long ago

Molex? That’s what happens if you try to buy Rolex on the

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Klaas, Klaas, Klaas…
Something things aren’t international, I suppose.

The watches you buy on the street would not be real Rolex’s. They would be a cheap knockoff…so people call them things like Molex, Joakley’s, (fake Oakley’s) etc…

Why does my friend’s KH saddle have the word AXIOM on the front? Mine doesn’t, and my other friend’s doesn’t.

Axiom is Norco’s housebrand.

If it says Axiom, it came from Norco…like the KH Uni models

So where did mine come from, then?

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I think it’s a bit strange too. However, Kris Holm the company is morphing into a brand separate from my own personal name in the same sense as Gary Fisher or Chris King or any other brand that’s a name. Right now that makes for a bit of a weird transition period.

As for the logos, personally I prefer subtle logos too, and definately your suggestion will be taken into account. The main tradeoff is advertising- visible logos are great for that and at least these are embroidered a lot smaller than, say, 661.

Regarding the various brands on my seat. Structurally the velo-manufactured seats are all my design and are all the same on the inside, regardless of the brand. I have a contract with Velo that says they can manufacture this seat under various brand names.

The only major change you’ll see is with the seatcover fabric material. Some fabrics are way more expensive than others. As the seat evolves the KH brand will always use the best quality seatcover fabric available, but the same may not be true for other branded seats because using cheaper material makes the seat a lot less expensive to produce.


Sounds good to me…

I figured you’d have a detailed answer.

I never thought of it as ‘Kris Holm the company’

Hey KH; do you ever get tired of people constantly bagging on all of your products?.. (I know you probably can’t answer that)…

First round products need to be bagged on in order to evolve.

Is it really ‘bagging on’, or is it customer/potential customer input?

We’re the “beta testers” for all things unicycle…(well I’m not personally, but I can pretend I am):slight_smile:

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I think advertising is okay if it’s done stylishly, but isn’t if it looks dull or positively bad. The six-six-one pads actually look pretty cool with the writing on - like here -


Cool pic of Phil… he must be a busy guy now! I aint spoken to him for quite a while!

I think the SIXSIXONE pads are cool!
I like logos on my unicycle stuff (as the skates and bikers can relate to them) but also makes them look better. I think that SIXSIXONE have the best logos in the best places. I have some 661 full fingered gloves… which are cool!

Unicycle.Com stick stickers on there unis! I think they look much better with them than without… unless its customised and/or painted!

I’m looking forward to getting KH t-shirt and shorts!

I also have Unicycle.Com, Roach and SIXSIXONE stickers on my helmet! :smiley:


Do you know where the name SIXSIXONE came from?

661 is their telephone area code.

mine too

kris’s shorts

i would like a pair of kris holm shorts as well they look cool and i am betting they will be really nice to ride in i much perfer shorts i wear my pads as well at the moment as it is cold plus they protect your legs.i hated my 661’s at first but i do not mind them as i wear them most of the time when riding so you just forget your wearing them so if you get pads push past the i don’t wanta wear them stage and get to the thank god i wore these today stage