Kris Holm signature edition things

Of course I’m just a non-armour creating nobody, however…

Here is my thoughts on the signature stuff…

That’s a lot of KRIS HOLM written all over you if you choose to wear all the armour…which you really should.

I wonder if on future batches the KRIS HOLM might be a tad less intrusive, or perhaps because everyone who will be buying these already know who he is…maybe a subtle KH?

Of course, I’d like to have my name on lotsa stuff too, but, boy that’s big writing!

Of course, Kris made it so he can label it however he wants, I suppose.

actually, after I posted, I re-looked at them, and I guess they aren’t as big as I rememberred.


I don’t really like having brand names or signatures on my stuff either. In the case of the armour I don’t mind so much as long as it is functional. I don’t like having Kris Holm’s signature on my Kris Holm saddles, because it’s like he is taking over my Unicycle and writing his name on it. I don’t like people expecting me to be as good as Kris. I would prefer to have my name, or no-ones name. If you are really disturbed by it you could surely unpick the embroidery or go over it with a black vivid to make it stand out less than before.

my butt-sweat soaked shorts take attention away from the kris holm writing on my saddle

Unfortunate, but true.

Has ANYONE ever ask whose signature is on your sadde? or your frame? or your what-not?

When it comes down to it, if you’re trying to impress someone, you’re not impressing many people.

Anthough i could go for a KH24 MUni right about now.

Hey Sofa I’m getting tired of seeing your sig over and over and over again! lol

im not gettin tired of ur sig, mans thats a sweet saying


I’m just trying to stress my point

Or I’m a loser who should go do something :frowning:

He’s only taking over the saddle. He designed it after all. It’s his choice to have the signature on there, even though it adds to the cost of production. I think it’s a good idea. The saddle signature is an appropriate size for a saddle.

On generic items. like clothing, I prefer not to wear a big company logo, especially if I have to pay extra for it. Champion for example. Their stuff is not cheap. I assume it’s good quality, but I have no need to advertise Champion wherever I go. I can wear a similar item of clothing without Champion on it.

But if I want a good, cushy seat with a good handle, I have the choice of a KH, or an upgraded (and more expensive) Miyata (that says Miyata on the back), or upgrading a stock Miyata myself. I’ll take the signature.

if i get to meet kris when i go to vancouver i think it might be weird. i mean, i’ll have his name all over my unicycle and clothing, both arm and leg armor. oh and i don’t just have the saddle, but the full on KH20. and when i start riding trails i’ll be buying a KH24 for sure because it’s such a bargain. oh well…

John: As far as clothing goes i can’t wait for the KH shirts. Personally i hate wearing big Brand names like Nike and Adidas. I have tons of shirts that reflect my intrists like web comics and cartoon characters. I think it will be awsome to sport the KH sig around town and know that only a select few know what i’m all about.

Zach: As far as the KH MUni goes, i’m not sure it’s a bargain. Personally i’d go for the Yuni 24" Muni. But then again the KH is better quality…

Why is it so easy to picture Kris Holm sneaking into peoples houses and writing his name all over their unicycles? :slight_smile:

wonka, i destroy unicycles, so believe me when i say the KH24 is a bargain… for me.

and i’m not trying to brag, just try and ride my old 24" and then realize that the damage was only after a couple months of trials. while my KH20 has sustained a year of at least 5 times as intense trials riding and i’ve had no problems at all. i’m totally sold on KH products because of this… i should be some kind of spokesperson.

edit: dude i’m sorry i have to do this but “intrists” = “interests”.

2nd edit: sorry, i took the writing portion of the GED tests today. i only hope you’ll understand.

There’s no Kris Holm text on my saddle :thinking: . Just a little velo text on seat base.

That’s what happens when you buy them on the street.

My Molex watch quit working long ago

you got an old saddle sofa the new one have no logos i think it looks cool with the logo’s

So, my saddle is the quality european version Sofa (or was it someone else), mentioned a while ago:D

Or if you want a genuine Kris Holm saddle without his name on it, get an Onza. :slight_smile: The saddle on the Onza 24" (not sure about the 20") has a little Onza hedgehog on the back, and no KH signature to be seen. It also advertises “”, however their site is nothing to get excited about. But then, how many people are ever going to go there after seeing your saddle?

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Re: Kris Holm signature edition things

On Thu, 13 Nov 2003 11:38:35 -0600, Sofa
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>That’s what happens when you buy them on the street.
>My Molex watch quit working long ago

Molex? That’s what happens if you try to buy Rolex on the

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