Kris Holm seatpost and Addict seat.

I have a new addict seat and a new kris holm seatpost, however they don’t seem to fit together. The seat post can go on if i take the seat cover off the bolts, but the bolts on the seat don’t seem long enough for the cover and the seat post to fit on them. Does anyone have this combination or this problem?

I have this set up but with a carbon fiber base. When I first put them together it looked like the seat post was going to rip the cover but I guess it stretched because it fine now. I just kinda but them together haha but yeah it works.

any tips for how to get it on? i can even get any of the nuts to screw on.

Is it possible for you to access the nuts and replace them with longer ones? I just ordered one of these myself, and also have a KH post. Looks like I’m in for some mods.

oh yeah with my cf base i got longer screws…

that combination was fine with me, it was a bit fiddly, that’s all.