Kris Holm seat

I’ve heard conflicting things about this seat…some say its very comfortable and some say its painful if any of you guys have tried it please post and tell what you think about it…Thnx

Here’s a thread about the Kris Holm seat: -

I don’t own one but I have ridden on one. I find it gives you heaps more control than a lot of others and is really comfortable.


I find it’s a great seat, but it’s not suited to everyone’s shapes. If you want to get one see if you can find any riders near you who own them to try them out first.


I’ve found there are two major features that make a comfortable saddle.

1 - Cushiness/softness/non-rock-hardedness.

2 - Shape and contour. Does the saddle provide a wide, flat, even contour that fits properly around all your bits and pieces?

I’ve found that the Miyata airsaddle has 1, but not 2. The KH Velo has 2, but not 1. Interestingly enough, a stock miyata does pretty good on 2, but we all know it lacks 1. I’m working on a conversion technique for a miyata airsaddle that I hope will bridge the gap and provide me with enough of both.

Having said this, I think the KH Velo is very good. I find that its 2 makes up for its lack of 1. I was amazed at how much difference a great amount of 2 made. If it could be a little softer, I think it would be great.

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On Tue, 10 Jun 2003 15:29:34 -0500, Eublapharis13
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>I’ve heard conflicting things about this seat…some say its very
>comfortable and some say its painful

Also, there’s a review of the seat in the Unicycle Product Reviews
forum, with many opinions posted. The liking or disliking seems to
depend on people’s anatomy. I don’t know what parameter(s) of anatomy.
We need pictures and someone to analyse those :-))

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I think my Miyata’s great in the ‘1’ department. How would you compare the Miyata to the Viscount?

I think this is a good time for me to apologize for misspelling your name in the title of that thread. It would be so bad, but it keeps being brought to the top of the page. :slight_smile:


One more thing:

In my opinion, the ability to adjust seat angle is one of the most important factors for seat comfort, just as important as padding.

If anyone has some problems with seat comfort, a good idea would be to invest in a rails bracket and bike seatpost, and play around with different seat angles. There’s one available for the KH seat, the Kinport:

In about 3 weeks there should be a KH brand version also, which will be more expensive but should be stronger and will have a brake tube built in (basically the Wilder bracket, but for the KH seat).


Four out of my five unicycles have Kris Holm seats. (the fifth has no seat – it’s awaiting a KH seat)

It’s the only thing I will sit on.


I’m a pretty big fan of the KH seats too (three of my four uni’s have one, the fourth awaits the repair of the Velo I damaged when I spun the bolts…:frowning: ).

I find that fortunately for me the seat really works in every way: shape, cushiness and even the angle is fine just as is. I like the control that the firm seat gives me which is something I really miss when riding with the Miyata air seat. I find I seem to steer/correct a lot with the inner thigh (more the right than the left) and the KH give a lot of seat to push against for this. With the Miyata, though the seat is for sure very soft and comfy, I find that when I ‘steer’ the uni not only does the seat want to squish over to the left but I also find I rub against the front of the seat, just behind the handle.

So if it works for you then the KH can be the best seat going - lucky for me, it is awesome and the reason why every one of my wheels is sporting it.:smiley:


Kris Holm

Kris, I dont know if you will read this, but if you do…
Why do some of the KH seats say axiom on the front? My friend just got a grey one and it has axiom on it, but my blue one doesn’t.

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Eublapharis13 wrote:
> I’ve heard conflicting things about this seat…some say its very
> comfortable and some say its painful if any of you guys have tried it
> please post and tell what you think about it…Thnx

My first seat was a cheap old style Miyata replica that I replaced ASAP.
It was not comfortable and it wouldn’t stay level. I bought a viscount
seat and thought it was the greatist thing since sliced bread until I
rode a new Miyata seat. Now the Viscount seemed hard and uncomfortable.
Last week I received a big package from with a new Onza
trials Uni with the KH seat upgrade. Over the next few days I went back
and forth between seats and I really like the KH. Now the Miyata
uncomfortable. I think for my size and shape the KH is almost perfect.
A larger person might well find it too small and uncomfortable. I took
the cover off my Viscount, added two more layers of foam, a Reeder
handle and a homemade cover, wow, the VIscount is back in the running
and will defintly get some more use now! It is much softer and the
handle is great. I am planning an upgrade to the Miyata airseat before I
come to any lasting conclusions. From my experience though, I think any
seat (within reason) can be made more comfortable. It does take more
work on some… I think there is something to be said to having several
seats available to try and to exchange depending on the riding you
expect to be doing.

Just my thoughts on the subject.

Norman Smith

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I think a lot of the problems people had with comfort on KH seats were chafing because the seat is too big. I found that after I did a couple of 2-3 hour rides on it my body was used to the seat shape and wasn’t getting chafed any more, I can do 7 hour rides on it okay now. If you have big thigh muscles it does push against them slightly sometimes though.


That’s OK Andrew. You’re not alone. I’m used to it and don’t take offence at all. When I am referred to in, that ‘Klass’ misspelling is used in about 24% of the cases. In case you wonder, I’m not keeping statistics on this, but got that from a Google search today.

The aa is very common in Dutch and some other languages but somehow doesn’t seem to fit in the English spelling system.

Klaas Bil

I was actually wondering. :slight_smile: I know this may be quite difficult to describe, but how is Klaas pronounced?

And just to keep this post on topic, has anyone found that the Velo is too small for them? As Norman said, “A larger person might well find it too small and uncomfortable.”


I find my Viscount is quite good but I can’t say it’s comfortable.
But I hate the Savage saddle when I bought my Unicycle from Melbourne Australia. The Viscount I found is good. But I haven’t tried out very long distances for that matter. It will one day for sure.

And yes I do get misspell Klass name too Andrew. I too apologies to Klass. I normally go to the preview reply if I misspell the name and retype his name too. I, too how Klass name is pronounced.


Is this sarcasm? I guess so. How can you possibly spell Klaas’s name wrong again after reading this thread? Klaas would probably prefer not to be referred to as Klass. I quite like the KH Seat. Its by far the best seat I have ever used, but it is not perfect. Hopefully there will be improvements in the future designs. I have not yet tried an airseat, but I can imagine that I might prefer the KH seat for some reason. The Velo is not too small for me - I am not particularly large.

KH velo seat

i’ve saved up my money from my paperound and i can finally afford one! i’m ordering one online 2nite! i’ll do a report on it in the reviews section when its been tried and tested by me :wink:

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On Wed, 11 Jun 2003 04:42:30 -0500, andrew_carter
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>I know this may be quite difficult to
>describe, but how is Klaas pronounced?
I have made a little something for you and a few other folks who
asked. See <>.
>And just to keep this post on topic, has anyone found that the Velo is
>too small for them?
The seat is more curved (when viewed from the side) than most other
seats. It was never a problem really but I had to get used to that. It
was a bit small to fit ‘everything’ in, the more so since the padding
is quite thick so you sink into it some more. Now I’m used to that,
and I find the seat large enough. I am 6’0" (1.83 m).

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I was working on these problems for a while. I built my own seat over a Bedford base (after it fell apart, which it usually doesn’t). The cover which is some sort of rubber ripped at the bottom so I redesigned the top again. There are 2 foams inside the seat, a seat shaped foam that is stiff and a very thin soft foam. Originally when I put in an air seat I just put it in under the foam, but that ripped apart the rubber cover. Darren (Bedford) told me what I did wrong I was suppose to take out the foam but after I did that I was cushy but the shaping was no good. So I went and got some heavy cotton (when I got it they told me it was like corduroy but smooth, what ever that is)and sewed a cover that was taller then the original one and I stuck in that air tube at the bottom and the foam at the top. That will solve both your problems.