Kris Holm seat

I was just wondering who here has and likes the krisholm seat. I am either going to buy that or a miyata. Price is not the issue though. Thanks alot for your help,:slight_smile:

well stupid face, ha ha
there is a thread about the kris holm seats already

This is Peter fool! You better stop posting stuff on the nets, cuz that’s me and Valentine’s deal, I mean Demonsthenes and Locke’s deal. We’ll deal with the public, and you keep working at battleschool. :angry:

Yes well I be a bugger, cant think for myself and I reckon KH seats are comfy…

well “Peter”

If that is your real name…

yeah John,
right after I posted I saw the other kris holm seat deal.
I was all GUYOT!
anywho, peter sucks and I am the best
the end


its true, peter does suck and you are the best
except for me


Wow! Samuel, I didn’t think that anybody would pick up on what Ender and I were talking about (not that I think unicylists are illiterate, but I didn’t know the book was that popular, either that, or you just have exceptional taste in literature!)


I don’t think that orson scott card is that popular … I had to order the book in to a book shop to get it.
I used to read lots of sci fi (asimov, gibson, etc etc) and the guy at the book shop recommended it.
Since then (I was 14) Ive read all his novels in this series as well as some of his short stories.
I still think enders game is the best though…but then I’m a bugger, so its whatever the queen thinks that works for me!

Well, since this thread has been off-topic from pretty much the beginning, I may as well tell you that I picked up on the Enders Game stuff too. I’ve only read Ender’s Game, Ender’s shadow, and I started Speaker for the dead but got too bored.

off topic

This thread has been off topic the whole time, unless kris holm seat really means “books by Orson Scott Card”
so, is it really off topic???

Yes, it is/was off-topic because the title of the thread was the Kris holm seat. That is the only part of the thread having anything to do with unicycling, and since the question never really got answered anyway, it’s off-topic.

I don’t have anything against what was said, but all this belongs in Just Conversation.

yes it is off topic, but it sure did find it’s way to a good one. I wasn’t intending to talk about enders game but johnglazer and universicycle are both my friends who live by me. anyway, john has gotten a unicycle with the KH seat and I know of it’s high quality. and yesterday I got 8 pedal rotations with one foot on it!!!

KH velo seat

comfy, cosy and looks good! :wink:

So as a disclaimer, I should say I’m pretty much of a Miyata air-pillow kind of guy. But I recently purchased one of the On Sale Summit trials unis from, that came with the Orson Scott Card Velo saddle. I’ve been spending a lot of time in the saddle since then, and my net/net view is it’s a comfy saddle for trails work where you’re getting on and off frequently. The couple of occassions I’ve used it for a longer ride, I found it got un-comfy pretty quickly. Also, due to the sharp “up-curve” design, I’m finding it takes more effort to get the boys comfortably adjusted before putting my full weight on the seat. Overall, I like the Miyata pillow better. The one big advantage that the OSC Velo has is in getting the seat out in front. The Miyata with Roach cover tends to get hung up a bit more on the shorts or inner thighs, whereas the OSC pops straight out.

I’m happy it was included with my Summit, but I wouldn’t go buy one as an add-on accessory.

Re: Kris Holm seat

kris holm saddle it sooooooo good it has a haddle and loads of padding sweet!!!:smiley: :smiley:

I’ve also read Ender’s Game and the orson scott card seat is not quite a miyata airseat but it comes close and i thing the hand has a lot more space and is a better plastic than the miyata so the handle ought to last a lot longer (my miyata handle ripped off within 6 months-I replaced it with a stick and some duct tape-works fine). Buy the carbon fiber miyata airseat with a chris reeder handle if money really doesn’t matter. Just kiddin’ buy the KH for light trials or the miyata airseat for distance.

Just to stay on topic-What kind of bleak, horrible future do we have coming if we monitor all children constantly and pass judgement for the rest of their lives by age 11- Oh wait did I say future? Sorry, since I’m in a California school I found Enders game to be very close to the state budget. 65% military/war in faraway lands 15% prision guards 11% recalling ther current governor (I hate and loathe Gray Davis even more than the next guy, but recalling him and instituting a 3rd rate actor who’s most famous line is “I’ll be back” ain’t gonna fix anything.) 4% schools and 5% figuring out how to get more funding for wars in faraway lands

Ahhhhhhh, I love ranting.