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Hi, I was wondering if anyone compared the Kris Holm Fusion Freeride 2007 Saddle to the Kris Holm Muni Saddle? I have an older KH saddle with an Onza logo on it and it is a much more comfortable saddle than the KH Fusion Freeride. I was wondering if The Kris Holm Fusion Freeride 2007’s improvements are worthwile? I appreciate the help. Unicorn

I have the new kh freestyle fusion seat and my friend has the old kh seat. He is definately more comfortable than mine . The old kh seat is like a bowl kind of I think so it makes it easier for stuff to get stuck under you and squished (man parts) when doing drops. We cut down my friends old kh so that it was somewhat shaped like my new one. It is now easier than it was before to hold for sif. And it is still comfier than mine, but my new kh is still easier to hold for sif. Well I hope that helped.

I have a KH Fusion Freeride and a DX seat which is the same as the old KH saddle. I liked the DX/old KH seat until I realized the ‘crunching’ that happens over rough terrain. I recently cut it down to where it is very similar to the KH Fusion Freeride. I personally like the Freeride as you can see, but it all up to the indevidual.

The 2007 KH saddle is IMO MUCH, MUCH better than the old version. I could barely use the old version, so I cut mine down so it actually looked (sort of) like a 2007. When the 2007 came out I thought id try it and I’m glad I did.

I was a bit better than my own “home cut” version and MUCH, MUCH better than the standard pre 2007 banana style version.

I’d say go for the 2007!

I have the new KH street saddle and it is so much better than my old style fusion saddle. The flatter profile makes it difficult to crush your goods and allows you to adjust which parts of your behind that you are sitting with. The curved style of the old saddle made it seem like I was being held up by something in my crotch whereas with the new fusion saddle I feel more like I’m sitting on something which by the way I tend to think is more comfortable :roll_eyes:

i have the fusion freeride and went for first proper ride on it today. It felt a bit odd at first (as most new equipment does) but now i really like it. I too have the KH Onza seat and all comparisons are against that. I like the flatter profile of the fusion. I found my KH Onza to be too curved at the front and would cause soreness after a while. I agree with Brian O that i feel less ‘held in’ with the fusion and there is more room to move around. Also when hopping about with the KH onza i found it really difficult to sit back down in a comfortable position but i havnt had this problem with the fusion. I dont think the KH Onza is a bad saddle, i have it on my freestyle now and its great. But i think the fusion is definitley an improvement for Muni riding.

As far as I’m concerned, in terms of stock saddles, the new KH freeride and street saddles are the only way to go.

sorry to say but i dont like the new KH street as much as the koxx-one street (not the gel one, just kevlar sides) its flatter, i always feel the KH streets are rounder at the top making it less confortable.

But i mean its all preference i guess and also what you are used to. I really want to try the new fusion freeride.

Experienced Review

Hi all, and thanks for your opinions and reviews. I really appreciate it.

I got my new KH24" with the blue trimmed Freeride Fusion 2007 saddle. I decided on the new saddle after the first few good reviews and after consulting with Roland from I have to admit that it looks great with the blue frame and matching blue trim. At first I found the new saddle a bit dissapointing. It was much harder and the seat tended to fall out from between my legs when standing and riding. Also without the curve I had to give the seat a tilt that was wierd. However now after using it for a week and then going back to the old KH/Onza saddle I am very happy with it. The KH Freeride Fusion 2007 is a great saddle. I was scared to buy it though because I did not like the KH Freeride saddle. It is shaped just like the old KH/Onza branded saddle but is no where near as comfy and I would get sore after only a half hour ride. On the old KH/Onza saddle I could ride for four hours and not get sore. So far I have not gotten sore from the KH Freerid eFusion 2007 so I am happy!


I keep going back and forth between the old and the new KH Fusion seats and I feel they both have there pro’s and con’s, for muni I am fine with the new KH fusion but for distance rides on the 360 I prefer the old KH fusion.
I have even tried modifying my old style KH and it is a work in progress.