Kris holm saddles

Heya , whats up I was wondering how long delivery takes from with a credit card , also how good are the kris holm seats? I just bought one 3-4 days ago cant wait untill i get it. Right now i have a standered training seat that came with it. If any of you guys ride a kris holm seat please post how comforatble it is :wink: heh thanks ,


it’s awesome…check it out in the reviews

my last order from them took 4 days…to Canada!

and they put in bumper stickers with the orders now, that’s great

If you search the forum for “KH velo” or “kris holm saddle” or “seat” or some permutation of the previous words, you will come up with a good deal of discussion on the merit of the seat for different types of riding.



thanks alot peeps , so 4 days to canada , i live in Washington right below you :wink: heh so mabe tommorow or the next day you think? I just searched for KH saddels they sound nice , im glad i bought one , thanks guys

Yeah, you won’t be disappointed, the KH seats are oh-so-comfy!