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So, what’s the deal with the KH saddles at I know that they have typo’s and wrong pictures galore on there, but this time, I’m not sure what’s what? There are two seperate listings for “Fusion Freestyle Saddle”. The ones that were on there last time I looked that are grey, red, black, or blue. And then the newer ones that I haven’t seen before that are orange or yellow. Then there’s the fusion street saddle that looks like the older freestyle, and a fusion street gel saddle that looks like the newer ones. And then the description for the newer orange and yellow freestyle ones say that I can pick red, grey, black, or blue as the color. So, like I said, I’m used to typos and wrong pictures on (which is really sad, they should spend a LITTLE time making their site not stupid) but what’s what here? Are the newer orange/yellow freestyles gel, like the newer street ones, or are they just the same as the older freestyle but with different design/coloring? Are they different or the same, or what? I’m so confuzeled.

what are you talking about?

They have seperate listings for the yellow and orange prolly cause they weren’t available when the Freeride and Street saddles first came out or something. It all looks ok to me.

First of all they are fusion freeride saddles, not fusion freestyle. There is the fusion freeride and the fusion street saddle. As someone said before, the yellow and orange versions weren’t available from the start so both the freeride and street saddles got separate listings for them. From your description maybe you happened to be looking at them as they were updating the site.

the only thing that I don’t understand is why they don’t add the new colors with the old colors.

Did you even look at that link before you submitted it? If you had, you’d know exactly what I’m talking about.

to RedNeck: I know that they didn’t have the orange and yellow when the other ones came out, but there is absolutely no reason to not combine them into one listing if they’re the same thing. And there is definitely one thing wrong with it, in the orange/yellow listing it says “Available in all Black, Blue & Black, Green & Black, Grey & Black or Red & Black.”

But the main question that I have is, are the orange and yellow ones ANY different from the others? I see that aside from just differerent colors, the design (which parts are colored) is different. But the ones that look like that that are the street version are gel, so are the freeride ones gel?

Basically, is there any difference between the old freerides and the new freerides? I read a thread that said something about the new 2007 freeride saddle. Is this a new saddle form the first freeride, or what? I’m just a little behind, haven’t been around for a while.

Thanks to anyone that can shed some light on this.

You know the funny thing, I was looking directly at the listing when I wrote that, to make sure that I wasn’t missing something and asking a stupid question. My question is still valid, but the fact that I’m a dumb ass, and don’t know how to read something and write it down is now without doubt. :slight_smile:

Uh the orange and yellow only let you select orange and yellow as colors, I don’t know what you are talking about. The orange and yellow are the same as the others except for color, I have the orange street saddle. The street saddle has just a small gel insert right about where your tail bone would be, it’s not entirely gel. The freeride as far as I know does not have any gel, though it has a groove cut out in the foam down the center to relieve pressure. The freeride and street saddles are both new for 2007. As for why there is a separate listing for the yellow and orange, maybe they couldn’t fit all the colors into the other picture.

Thanks for at least attempting to answer my question.

I know that you can select the right colors, but in the description it says the same thing as the other one, and I copied and pasted exactly what is says there, so there’s no need for you to say you don’t know what I’m talking about, because it’s right there in black and white. It’s just another typical typo from a company that REALLY should be better than that.

Right but where is the confusion coming from? Yeah it says that at the bottom because its the same thing as the other one and they probably copied and pasted but what is important is what you can select when you order. If you are still confused about all of this let me know or better yet just email UDC

UPDATE I sent UDC an email and told them about the typo on the yellow and orange freeride page and let them know that some people seem to be confused by the separate listings. Hopefully they will fix it for you guys.

I know it’s just a copy and paste, and that it doesn’t matter. Just pointing out one of many problems with the site that lead to possible confusion.

The one thing that I was confused about was why there were two listings for the same thing, and if maybe it wasn’t in fact the exact same thing. And since the street ones that look like those are gel, I was wondering if maybe they are gel too?

I just didn’t know if they were the same, if they were gel, or if they were a new redesign.

See where I’m coming from?

I just got one of the orange freeride saddles, and as far as I can tell, it’s idenical to my blue freeride saddle.

The response I got from Amy at UDC, so there you have it, it’s the same saddle as the others, just different colors.

Not sure why those saddles are listed separately either. I was thinking it could be a photo issue, where they didn’t have a photo of all the saddles together. But if the new ones got photographed, why not photograph them alongside the older colors? I think their web site software doesn’t allow them to add extra pictures to product listings so they may have listed them separately so people could see a picture of the new colors. Still, hopefully they can get a shot of all the colors together and merge that into a single product listing.

If I really had a question I wanted an answer to, I’d ask them, not us. Also I’m sure they are happy to hear about errors you find in the site, I’ve reported a few myself.

yeha i think their CMS site has a problem with picture updates, cause its often the picture is of an older model… ie the onza 07 unicycle… i still want a picture of it lol