Kris Holm saddles and cranks

2 Kris Holm saddles circa 2012/13

Fusion Freeride black/yellow used but not abused $40. Shipping $15.

Fusion Street black/white also used but not abused. Slightly modded - I thinned the front end of the seat cushioning to make it slightly flatter. It’s a good job as I have the equipment to do this. $35. Shipping $15.


Kris Holm Moment Cranks 150 mm circa 2013. Mint condition $40. Shipping $15.

QUAX 145i alloy cranks - 145 mm. Almost mint $15. Shipping $10.

QUAX 25.4 seat post. Shortened to 24cm. $5. Shipping $10.

All prices in US dollars. I have shipped parts from Canada to the US previously with USPS and had no problems.




I’m interested in the Kris Holm 150-mm cranks. Sent you a private message.

Kris Holm Moment Cranks 150 mm are on hold for Danitz.

Black/White Fusion Street saddle is on hold as well.