Kris Holm Saddle?

I am thinking of getting a new Kris Holm Saddle…But I dont know which one to get…

Right now I have the Quax freestyle saddle and my Hamstrings get pretty sore after i ride for along time so i was thinking which one would be good to get that would make that go away…I would like a PU saddle bacause im not riding a Pu right now I dont care if its not the most comforatable but i want my hamstrings not to hurt??

Can anybody help?

Ride for a long time every day on any seat and after a while your hamstrings won’t be sore. They’ll turn to impervious rocks! In other words, your seat isn’t making your hamstrings sore, that’s just using those muscles.

the freeride seat is SO comfortable, its awesome!

your legs arent used to it

its not the seat so dont go waste your money on a new one its just the fact your legs arent strong enough

your seat is fine bro, u might want a thinner one if u get into SIF but dont bother till u need it.

well i am hopping sif…

you just want to customize your uni to look cool you poser!!!:slight_smile:

nah, ride long distances regularly for a month or so and if ur hams still hurt, get the new seat.:smiley:

MOD the foam if you don’t like it.
go at the bottom though. you don’t want to mess up the top, you don’t even want to mess w/ it until you at least test your method of trimming foam on the bottom.
there are many ways to go at it. all of them are cheaper than getting a KH
unless you have NOTHING at your house.

hey great idea, I have modified two old KH seats and find them way more comfortable now. I cut from the top but if i would have cut mostly from the bottom and a little from the top I could have saved so much effort and time smoothing the edges. I will keep that in mind for the next seat i get :slight_smile:

edit: to isaac steiner I would have to say that I agree with most of the other people. YOur legs just aren’t used to it yet. How long have you been riding?

no thats not why its because i used to have an old uni with an old pu seat on it and my hamstrings didnt burn. I love the way my uni looks now its the way it feels… :sunglasses:

i do not apreciate being called a poser.

i got the Kri Holm Fusion Street saddle…I love it.

chill, it was a joke.

sarcasem works

Lol, your riding SIF and your hamstrings hurt. Thats from jumping. Unless you mean your Adductors are getting sore because the seat is hitting and rubbing you there.

If it is your adductors, practice SIF more, to the point where you dont need it pushed close to your body to maintain control.

If its your hamstrings, jsut keep riding, and warm-up/stretch before doing trials. Somedays when I first go riding, my hamstrings and quads will feel like jello when im jumping. I just ride around quickly jumping up curbs and doing little stuff to get the blood going and muscles warmed up, then I stretch, and then go do the bigger stuff.

You may develop legs of steal, but your crotch still gets sore.
KH seats are an improvement. I’m reminded of a cartoon…