Kris Holm saddle mounting/velcro strap?

This may sound like a stupid question? I just got a KH Freeride saddle and the cover has a Velcro strap that stretches across/in-between the 4 mounting screws that attach it to the post.

Am I supposed to…

A. Crush the velcro under the seat post and likely damage it forever?

B. Unhook it and let it dangle, defeating any reason I foresee for its existence?

I crushed it under the seat post. I am sure the Velcro is still fine.

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I agree that the Velcro should be fine to be crushed, it’s pretty durable stuff, but it seems weird to have a design like that rather than have the Velcro offset to the front or rear of the post or have one front and rear. Perhaps cost savings, but on a saddle as expensive as that it seems strange.

Just mount you saddle and leave the Velcro exposed it will be fine . I wouldn’t put it under the mounting plate of the post, that will create an in even bond of the two surfaces

I rode my freeride saddle with the hook & loop between the post and saddle with no issues

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I believe, that the saddle bolts are more likely to become loose if you put the strap between seat and post.

I believe the design is 100% expecting option A.

Option B is illogical in my view as there’s zero point to then have the Velcro tabs on the cover.

I suspect it also helps to crimp them together and makes for a smoother finish to the cover as it’ll pull it tight.

This close up screengrab from Kris Holm’s product page for the saddle does show the tabs lying flush below the bolts - so while no manual shows up, this is a clear indicator.

All my KH saddles that have these tabs are and will be mounted under the post. Only neat way to do it in my view.

I’ve been able to get the bolts very snug and tight still and no loosening.

Seatpost over the velcro. I always thought the purpose of this design was to add aditional tension and security to keeping the seatcover on.
Seems to work just fine from a bolts staying tight perspective (if you tighten them enough).


I see that now with this picture, I guess it is intended to go between the saddle and plate. Who knew? I guess I’ll give it a try.

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I think it’s my second least favourite task -

1st is trying the fit the bolts for a brake mount / T-bar. Talk about awkward and then when it finally fits - it feels like the bolts suddenly decided to be cooperative after getting their “fussy nature” out of their system.

2nd is faffing to get a seatpost mounted. And this Velcro doesn’t make it feel any easier.

With these tasks, I always wish I was an octopus :octopus:- need that many hands :joy:

I just discovered several staples holding my " Removable KH Freeride Cover " in place. Should I be upset about this? Or is this normal?
On the straps, I’m thinking under the post is the most secure location and the Velcro won’t matter/do anything once the straps are pinched into place. I sent an email to the Kris Holms website. For $90 + shipping, the seats should come with basic information like care and handling, installation instructions. I told them as much " Nicely " and asked where the straps belonged.

Yeah staples are normal from what I’ve seen - and I think it’s fair that no manual exists for this item as overall I can see why they’d presume customers will install with straps under the post.

I’m a KH fan so perhaps more forgiving here - as I just think the saddles are ace!

I like the cover is replaceable but added to this I don’t think I’ll ever actually need to replace one. They get a bit scuffed but hold up well over the years.

Hope you end up enjoying riding it! :grinning:

As far as I know, replaceable seat covers mostly turned out to be a bad decision financially, so pretty much all manufacturers have now abandoned that concept. For most riders, covers last a really long time and having a bunch of covers for older generation saddles on the shelves for years unfortunately isn’t a smart business move.
Removing the staples from a saddle is easy enough, should you ever need to replace it (and more importantly, find a replacement cover).

As to the lack of instructions: That’s the sad reality of doing a tiny sport, I’m not sure if KH unicycles even has the equivalent of one fulltime employee (not counting the factory contracted for manufacturing). Luckily, I’ve found all the unicycle distributors quick to respond and helpful, it’s best to send questions to them.


I smashed mine into place, they aren’t going anywhere. So, it seems like the most logical place to put/pin them to me?

When I spotted staples in my seat cover. I posted a question about them as well.KH Freeride removable cover is stapled into place?
The person that responded posted a picture of the cords that hold on the removal covers of the past. So, websites should stop saying they are replaceable in the description. It seems they haven’t been replaceable for many years.

Mine has Velcro but I don’t recall seeing staples. I think it’s a very new change relatively speaking.