Kris Holm Saddle Curve versus Miyata


I am currently getting back into unicycling. I started earlier but quit due to the mail anatomy problems of learning but we had another unicycler in our show so no biggie, but now he left and I’m gonna learn again. I was wondering something though.

The Kris Holm saddle looks to have a lot more curve in it than the Torker, Miyata style. As my biggest complaint was with crunching things that shouldn’t be, I was wondering if this high amount of curve would make things worse or maybe better. Let me know what you guys think. Of course the KH picture may just be decieving and the curve isn’t much more. Thanks.


When I first started riding, the Miyata seat was prime choice for riding trials and MUni. I bought a new 20" Trials rig with a Kris Holm seat, and the Miyata feels puny, and wimpy compared to what I’m using now. For Trials the seatbase design is a must. It still flexes, because it’s not made of carbon fiber. But, the dish isn’t as deep as the Miyata. So, I have a nice flat underside to grab onto when jumping (seat-in-front hops), instead of a sharp edge.

There is a lot of curve to the KH seat. I ride with a Thompson Elite post, tilted, and with a rail adapter. Instead of riding on unmentionables, I place them in front of me, and sit on a flat surface, because the seat it tilted. The seat is a lot more cushioned, and wider than the Miyata, at that most precious location. But, I’m assuming this is because my seat is tilted and adjusted on the rail adapter. People who try my unicycle, not knowing how to “position” themselves down below the belt, often “pinch” themselves when trying to ride my unicycle. Rest assured, this is because they don’t know how to properly mount it.

I guess it depends on experience, type of riding, personal preference, and how much you’re willing to fork out.

P.S. Being a trials rider, I’m off the seat a lot, so never have issues with numbness, or perineum pains. But the arrangement I have, keeps things out of the way, if you know what I mean


wear bicycle shorts (you know, the ones with the pads in the butt) and keep the male anatomy parts tucked up. if done correctly, you will never have a problem.

I was a huge fan of the KH seat, however recently I have been using an air seat - and it seems a lot better (especially since the air compresses under the thumb during seat out hopping). The air seat can be made to be as firm or soft as you like.

Best trials saddle:

The united.

(that’s right the one wiht the ass-groove)

I think i might agree with owen that the united is a great trials seat

as solely a trials seat it could very well be king, easy to pull out and grab for seat out hops, its light and inexpensive, and of course the pimped out butt grooves

But only as a strictly trials seat for those of us who need the seat for travel along with trials the seat might not be so hot

I would say a airseated CF miyata might be the best distance/trials seat

The Kris Holm saddle does indeed have more curve and a deeper curve than the Miyata style saddle or other saddles like the Viscount. I’m not a fan of the deep curve on the Kris Holm saddles. It causes things to get a bit more constricting up front.

The good news is that the new version of the Kris Holm saddle, the Fusion model, has a removable seat cover. With the removable cover you can trim the foam down to lessen the curve. Take a look at my airseat gallery to see how I trimmed the foam in my air seat for the same effect.

Saddle tilt also plays a role. Tilting the nose of the saddle up can actually reduce the pressure on the front of the saddle. It doesn’t make sense at first, but it does work out that way.

There is also the new Koxx-One saddle. The site is in French. Go to Matos >> Pieces >> Selles to see the saddles. Scroll through their list of saddles. They have three models. Two with the thin style and one with the thicker KH style. The saddles look to be based on the KH, but with different foam. I’ll attach a photo of the new slimmed down KH style seat from Koxx-One. I don’t know when we’ll be able to get these saddles in the US. I want to try one. They have one with foam and one with gel.

koxx-one saddle.jpg

i was an air seat junky for 3 years but ive seen the light of the KH. the Koxx seat is next on my list to sit on. hope they get over the pond soon.

my only problem with the KH seat is that i seem to battle to clamp the seat between my thighs for skipping rope on the uni
anyone else experience this?
or do i just need to practise some more?