Kris Holm replica saddles for sale: Ebay

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With that said I’m not a unicyclist but thought I would mention that I was able to pick up a handful of Velo Unicycle saddles from a local dealer that ordered to many.

An aquaintence of mine (who is an active Unicycler) verified for me that these are the same as the Kris Holm model saddle except it does not say Kris Holm on the saddle (They all come from the same Tawain factory made by the Velo company). I know these saddles can be had for close to 50 dollars at some of the online unicycle stores and I’m staring my ebay auction out at 30 dollars.

Good oppurtunity to pick up a new saddle or a spare.

Thanks and again if this is inappropriate please delete my thread. Don’t want to step on any toes.


I’ll try my best to answer any questions I can.

You might want to fix your Ebay auction so that your images are viewable.

Thanks for the heads up.

It is now fixed and working.

No problem. From the looks of things I might be picking one up from you. But I doubt I’ll have power when the auction is ending. Damn Hurricanes…