Kris Holm Replacing Thread Inserts Question

I’m looking to replace the left-hand thread insert of my Kris Holm Moment Cranks. I’ve had the unicycle since 2008, if anything has changed since then. I’d like to buy new inserts and the tools necessary to replace them. Does anyone know of any place that I can buy them? Any help would be appreciated, maybe from Kris himself.

-Eli Brill

Just to clarify, could you be referring to retaining ring? If not, did you somehow strip the actual pedal thread? Just wondering, because I as well as many people have lost a retaining ring or two from moment cranks every now and then. I got a couple replacement retainers from udc, but only one would thread on, while the other would not go on more than 1 turn. So I found an alternate method for assuring the thread inserts would never come out or get loose; Epoxy! :smiley:

The retaining ring is still there, I have actually stripped the pedal insert. I’m interested in replacing the entire inserts.

Does anyone know where I could purchase these?

You might try UDC, although they’re not listed on their site, they may still be available by calling them. Another option would be to check the trading post for a decent pair of used moments. But my curiosity makes me ask, how did you manage to strip the thread? Did you accidentally start threading the pedal on wrong, and just tried to force it, or some other way?

Edit: I found these.

I do big things on these cranks, Terry :wink:

I think it comes from a lot of riding seat backwards, or just riding backwards with the seat forward. But with some tricks, there’s just a lot of downward force upon landing. I didn’t put the pedals in the wrong threads :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow, so it just stripped while the pedal was in tight? First I’ve heard that happening! Not that it means it can’t happen, as you are proof! :o

you beast

Hahaha, no, it was that I was constantly loosening and tightening the pedals I think. Seat backward loosens them, then I’d tighten them, then they’d loosen, I’d tighten them and so on… I’m sure that it was riding them while they were in that slightly loosened state that started to strip them.

I emailed Kris about that a few weeks ago. I had problems with my crank insert (it was stuck on the pedal). He told me that it’s not possible to buy inserts only. I dont have any idea for you though, if you had the same problem as me I would just have wrote J-B Weld! :stuck_out_tongue:

What a great quote.

UDC has now started to bring in replacement retainer rings (not all countries though) but the supplies are limited - best to call and ask. So far the entire insert hasn’t been available. However, as you say, you may be able to clean up the threads if they are not too damaged.
Thread specs for the pedals are 9/16" x 20tpi
Here’s a link to a Pedal tap:


Loctite, nothing on my unis stays in place without it.

I’ve got no idea how other people manage without it. I put it into everything with a thread, because everything loosens itself. Even saddle screws come out after a couple of hours.

I’ve lost several retainer rings over the years–most fell out when the cranks were only days or weeks old. They were dual hole cranks only, and the lost retainers only came out of the longer crank hole, not shorter. I received replacement retainers, but they would not thread on properly, or fully. So I used JB weld epoxy, dribbled it into the open channel where the ring would normally go, and it is now rock-solid and the inserts will likely NEVER come loose or start spinning freely. Next case! :smiley:

PS: Of course, there are no such retainers on the 110/125mm moments, and I would love to see the longer cranks follow suit. If the splined crank hole doesn’t need a steel sleeve–and it bears a great deal of force–then I would think that the pedals don’t either. They’d also be much easier to make, and require less parts and labor to manufacture, which should also make them cost less. Never stripped or had a problem with my 110/125’s, and have done lots of drops and technical riding with them as well. :slight_smile:

Why, then?

I’m confused. Why have the inserts if they’re not available?

The inserts exist to increase durability. The main problem with aluminum cranks is aluminum threads are less durable than steel threads (especially when pedals are changed frequently), so the insert allows for a steel thread on an otherwise very strong and reasonably weighted aluminum crank.

The inserts aren’t available separately because they’re not supposed to break.