kris holm reinforcement plate

does anyone know how this works? i cant really understand it? like where does actually go? any pics would be appreciated?

Here you go.

That’s strange! I have two FFR saddles with the kh reinforcement plate, but it’s installed directly against the saddle base, under both the lift handle and the seatpost bracket, not on top, as in your pic.

The further it is from the seat base (assuming you still have good connection points) the more it will add to the strength and stiffness of your saddle.

It is sort of like taking a U beam and welding a plate to the open end to re-enforce it.

The reinforcement plate does still fit if installed under the front saddle handle, although it is a bit more fiddly to install.

However, I recommend it be installed on top of the front handle.

As Eric mentioned this moves it further from the base. Via the bolts, the reinforcement plate makes a “box section” with the internal reinforcement plate within the saddle. It means that the plate is mostly in compression and tension, not bending. This makes for a stronger, stiffer setup.

On the internal reinforcement plate, there are little hooks on each end of the internal one (not visible), that hook over into the plastic mold and secure it. Between this, the bolts, and the overall shape of the plastic base, the base is already much stronger and stiffer than the old base.

So the external reinforcement plate is intended for the minority of riders for who need extra stiffness beyond what the saddle already gives, and for riders using a touring handle.


Do you also recommend that it be installed on top of the seatpost bracket as well, or under it? I was wondering why the plate holes didn’t seem to line up very well when installed directly against the seat base. I’ll try reinstalling it.

ahhh, i thought it went under neath the whole seat

It should go on top of the seatpost plate, so the seatpost plate is flush with the saddle.
If you go here and check the middle photo (looking up at the plate), you’ll see it installed (but also with the T-bar handle):

Thanks for clarifying. I’ll reinstall, although the current installation seems to have worked fine also.

I will have to check mine as well.

FYI Kris, there were no installation instructions included when I got mine.

And if I’m not mistaken there was a shortage of bolts that were long enough to perform the attachments.

It’s possible that the manufacturer forgot to include the assembly instructions. There is a version here:

That’s weird that there were bolts missing. The ones that come with the saddle actually work for the seatpost bolts in lieu of the ones supplied with the T-bar, although longer ones are supposed to be included.

You must not have read my post in your thread about your handle breaking! I told you it was the wrong way!

Thanks Kris.

I went looking through my papers last night & did find a a handle install sheet but it was not near as detailed as the one that you have supplied here.
Can’t remember the exact details on the bolts (bit of old age memory loss occurring) but do recall that something did not work out quite right. I will use the new instructions that you have supplied and recheck my installation.

Note: My handle was one of the first supplied (the ones that were breaking) so possibly I have an older install sheet.

Yes that is a new install sheet. Hopefully it is a lot clearer than the original one.