Kris Holm pulse gloves...

i am thinking of buying some and i was wondering how you know what size would fit you.
what sizes have the people on here got and how did they know to get that size?
could you tell me what size you have and like a handspan or some sort of measurement?

:slight_smile: thankyou your posts will be appreciated:)

My knuckle circumference is about 9" and I have the XL size Pulses.

I e-mailed Kris and he suggested visiting local bike store to try out their glove sizes. There are no downhill gloves available around here so I ordered the biggest ones. The fit was perfect, but I don’t know what to buy if you are really big handed.

In summary the Pulses are quite small for their size.

My knuckle circumference is about 8" (fingers) so xl may be bit big but medium will probably be to small… what should i do?

Err… get large ones? :thinking:

Seriously, my hands are quite skinny but I’ve got long fingers, so I bought Large. They fit pretty well, perhaps slightly baggy around the palm but not bad. My hand measures just under 8" round the knuckles. I don’t know how much smaller the medium ones are, but for me I wouldn’t want the fingers any shorter even if the palm fit was a bit better.


they do large ones?

i suppose that was stupid of me to just assume that just because they don’t do them on they don’t exist…

where else could i get them

i found them on australian but i kinda need them in uk

especially as the australian does not ship the the uk

Perhaps they’re out of stock at the moment - bummer. Still, probably worth emailing Roger and asking if he’s got the odd pair around.


I have mediums and they fit perfectly…
I say go to your LBS and try some DH ones on, or even a motorbike store and try some of theirs on.
EDIT: I got medium coz i take medium on most things and thought the small would be too small and the large would be too large;)