Kris Holm Pro Series

I’m just curius who has one and how it is.
Post pictures and tell me something about it.

Amazing, I’ve only had it for alittle while and I haven’t taken it big yet, but it’s solid. Love it.

-Shaun Johanneson

kh pro series? yeah i dont even know what that is let
me see a picture.

The KH Pro series is from the “old” days. It is from the time before quality lower priced frames from Taiwan were available. In the “old” days you had three choices if you wanted a quality muni frame:

  1. KH Pro (only it wasn’t known as the Pro back then)
  2. Hunter
  3. Custom build
    If you were willing to compromise you could get by with a United chrome frame with the stamped steel main cap bearing holders. But that frame is flexy when compared to the other three options.

Back in the “old” days a good muni would be $1200 or more (usually more). We didn’t have quality lower cost options like the new KH’s, Onza, Koxx, or even the Torker DX. If you wanted something good you had to pay the big bucks. So that is the era that the KH Pro series comes from. The “old” days weren’t actually so long ago.

The KH Pro frames are made in Canada by workers who enjoy a good wage by North American standards. They are hand built in small quantities.

The frame and other components are absolutely solid. There is no flex in the frame, and no wobble. Everything is secure and solid. The frame is steel and can take a beating.

Of course the new KH’s are also solid.

If I was to buy a muni now I’d get the new KH and enjoy the fact that it is about 1/3 the cost of what I spent on my KH Pro.

I have various pictures of my KH Pro muni and trials in my gallery. My Miscellaeous Stuff gallery has some pictures of my muni, the Palisades gallery, and also some of the Moab galleries.

ok thanks

Yea thanks