Kris Holm Poster on

No, I was working on the widely held assumption that it was a regular dodecahedron. What do you take me for, some sort of “spherical world” fool?:wink:

Have fun!


This is getting silly now…

I was surprised to see that image used again, with the tilt left in. This is not a new image, and has been used in ads before, as well as on the back of the 1999 California MUni Weekend T-shirt.

Tilted cameras are often used to create dynamic lines in photos. Flip open any magazine to see some. In this case, I think it looks better as Kris is not tilted backward. Sure, the trees are tilted, but so is the ground.

Somebody commented on Kris’ lack of shirt. Hey, if I had those abs I wouldn’t wear a shirt to work even! But I digress. The shirt itself offers minimal protection. He’s wearing a helmet and pads, which are the important things. And pants.

This picture is several years old. In Kris’ first video appearance, he wears nothing but shoes and shorts. No protection at all. And he breaks his unicycle in the video. Nowadays, it’s rare indeed to see him in images like that without a sponsor jersey on.

A reminder that we have much to be gratefull for, ‘And pants’.


WOW! Who is that guy? Talk about sculpted!

Gear-up for production, and you’ll be able to sell posters like that on :slight_smile: