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There’s a new Kris Holm poster on It’s funny because I was just saying the other day that they should sell posters with pictures of Kris Holm or other unicyclists on them. John Drummond must have read my mind. :smiley: Anyway, here’s a link:


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That’s one of my favorite photos of Kris. To bad the angle is exaggerated to the point of absurdity.

Assuming the trees don’t grow at some oddball angle it should look more like this.

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Ok, I finally got it.


I can’t believe they made it that angle! How ridiculous. Who’s gonna appreciate how good he really is when they look at the 45 degree clouds and figure the pics need doctoring. C’mon!

I hate that photo, because I know I’d like what it actually was.

i think they made the angle so that the unicycle would be vertical, but it does sort of look fake.
Still, pretty sweet.

Hee hee. I never noticed it was even at an angle! :smiley:

Hey, look how extreme I am…who wants a poster?


I’m a bit disappointed too. It looks crazy on the ‘true’ angle and as unicyclists we can all appreciate that it’s even more difficult than it looks (which is pretty difficult).

HEY! That is one of our original ELVIS ROLLS! T-shirts! YES! The KING LIVES!

Rock on!

OK, back on topic here.

No, no. You guys have it all wrong. The photo is not off-angle. That really IS how all the trees grow in B.C., … isn’t it … because it is sooo far north?


With your bumper sticker on my Geo Metro!

Thanks for that order! (Although the shirt wears ridiculously fast in the washer, I really have to limit it’s wear cycle)

No biggie. Everyone LOVED the shirt and I got a huge amount of comments. I even wore it while on my Uni on the 25th anniversary of the day Elvis went missing

Yep, that’s how I understand it. All trees grow perpendicular to the central axis of the Earth. So the trees at the equator point up and they gradually get more squint the further north or south you go. That’s why you don’t see trees at the north and south poles, they grow along the ground and are all covered in snow. Or was my geography teacher wrong?:stuck_out_tongue:

Have fun!


Yes, I can assure you that this is how early explorers knew their latitude. For example, it is so obvious that the picture of Kris was taken at about 45 degrees latitude because the trees are growing at that angle, stretching toward the sun - at the equator. And to prove this point, check out Vancouver’s latitude. See, geography is not that hard.

you’re all insane

then how do you explain the clouds?

The clouds? Oh, well, yes. The clouds, too, are of course, at an angle relative to the latitude from the equator. Right? That is, unless there is an atmospheric anomaly that would, of course, cause the clouds to be based on the proper gradient that would allows for them to be in balance with the mutually affecting high and low presure systems that would be dominate in that area at the time of the photograph. Of course this does not apply to the area just around the edge of the Burmuda, semi-permanent, high presure system which naturally has little to do, directly, with the barometric presure of B.C. Thus, it doesn’t matter what the clouds look like in this photograph. Kris is still the King, and that all I want to say about that.

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uni_boy50 wrote:
> you’re all insane

You’re here too. :wink:

I unicycled to the State Fair just a few blocks from work. All the
suits and skirts mosey down out of the office buildings for lunch to
get some of that wholesome fair fare. As I passed a couple of skirts,
one says to the other, ‘Dork.’ The other cut sultry eyes in my
direction and said, ‘Ya? I gotta get me some Dork, then.’
–Christopher Rhysling

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The main concern with Mr. Holm’s picture isn’t the angle of the trees or the
angle of the clouds. Mr. Holm is certainly the best of the world in his
skill, but a safety helmet and tons of safety stuff without shirts is an
irresponsible attitude. People like Mr. Holm are opinion builders and have
lots of responsabilities forming those opinions…

[]'s Eduardo

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> directly, with the barometric presure of B.C. Thus, it doesn’t matter
> what the clouds look like in this photograph. Kris is still the King,
> and that all I want to say about that.
> Tommy
> Tommy

A shirt isn’t a safety item. He is well protected from any impact (as much as a ‘protected’ rider can be)

A shirtless rider will just come out with a few more surface scratched than someone wearing a shirt.

I don’t think it’s irresponsible at all.

Comfort sometimes outweighs protection

This statement appears to assume that the earth is spherical, which as everyone knows, is not true.