Kris Holm picture on NPR website

On today’s installment of the NPR radio program “Day to Day” there was a
piece the Telluride Mountainfilm festival, extreme sports and
specifically a film called “Psicobloc” about climbing on cliffs above
the ocean in Spain. Unicycling wasn’t mentioned in the piece, but if you
go to the web site the icon used as a link to the story is a picture
Kris Holm riding on a wall that was in “Unizaba”

You can see this at:

John Hooten

whoa. sure enough… Thanks for the link

If you’re into rock climbing at all, Psicobloc is a fantastic film. We saw it twice in Telluride. The version on the page that John mentioned is the full version of the film - fantastic that they would put this on the web for free. Although the little quicktime window is the opposite of the “big screen”, check it out - it’s a very well made film of an amazing guy.

There were no unicycling films at the festival this year as plans to show White Trax didn’t work out. But the hockey game and Kris’s demo with Hans Rey were better than mere films!