Kris Holm pics.. marked.

I was sent this link through myspace from a friend because she new i liked unicycling.

What do think about this Leenks character putting his/her/its name along the bottom?
Are they allowed to do that?

dunno. dont like it tho :angry:

What a loser. Stole a bunch of mine. I’ll ask them to remove.


Kris will be anoyed i’m sure, his pics on a porny site :roll_eyes:

lol but htat mirror prank on there site was pretty funny

It’s low. “Stealing” content, watermarking it with your logo, removing or not bothering to credit the creator, and not even bothering to get permission from the copyright owner is low. I’m no lawyer, but my understanding is that it ain’t legal either. Send them a takedown request to remove your pictures and see if they respond. WhoIs shows the site being registered to someone in Iceland.

eBaum’s World used to fly by those rules. “Stealing” content, tagging it with their logo, and removing credits to the author. Now eBaum’s has grown up and now gets permission and rights to the content it finds and uses.

Yeah I don’t think he would be to happy about it but…

REALLY wouldn’t like THAT!