Kris Holm Percussion Leg Armor: Should I buy?

Hey guys, for a while now I’ve been looking for some good leg armor for my unicycling, because the metal studs on my pedals rip my shins apart. I’ve been looking at the Kris Holm Percussion Leg Armor, and was wondering what you guys who own a pair think of them. Thanks!

I like mine. I’ve had them for about a year.

The shin protection in the front is great. I’ve whacked them really hard without doing damage to myself or the pads. There’s fabric that goes around the back too, so there’s some coverage for the calves.

They’re hot, but all pads are hot. You get used to it. They soak up a lot of sweat when you ride and get very stinky after a while. Someone here suggested spraying the pads with Lysol or something to kill off whatever causes the stink. That’s probably a good idea. I’ve tried washing mine by hand, but didn’t have much luck getting rid of the smell. KH recommends a front-loading washing machine if you have access to one. I tried a top-loader. It worked for the smell, but it also frayed some of the stitching around the edges and tore the lining a bit.

If you’re in between sizes, get the larger ones. When I’m riding, they slide down until the plastic parts of the padding touch my shoes. It’s lower than you might expect when you’re measuring yourself. For me this leaves not quite enough knee coverage at the top. I’ve scraped my knees just above the pads many times. Make sure you get a size that is long enough.

Check my review

It’s in czech but you can use translator. At least you’ll see some real pictures:)