Kris Holm on You've Been Framed (UK TV)

A month ago, John Maddox wrote:
> TO EVERYONE who went to the british unicycling convention - as you
> kris holm was there, doing tricks but also falling on his nuts! I
> the nutcracker suite in which kris holm climbs onto the handrail (next
> to those steps near the sports hall) does a still stand then falls
> well i sent this footage to YOUVE BEEN FRAMED and it is appearing on
> your screens on 20th July hopfully enjoy.

Well, I set myself a reminder (thanks John) which came up when I booted
my computer this morning, went to set the video, and found that,
according to the TV guide, You’ve Been Framed isn’t on today. At least
not on HTV. Yet the You’ve Been Framed website ( ) mentions that there is a
series on ITV on Sundays.

So is it only showing in certain regions? Or does it start next week?
Or is it on ITV2? Anyone know?

Danny Colyer (remove safety to reply) ( )
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According to John, he said it was this Sunday coming… hold on



but it dont seem to be on! :frowning:

Possibly the TV people need to know that they have the authority of both the copyright owner and the individual shown before they broadcast it. There could be legal difficulties otherwise.