Kris Holm on TV? not tonight...

IT’s a no go… Kris will not be on tonights episode of “beyond human”…

Oh No!

Why not! I even wrote myself like 5 post-its that are in my house so i remember! I really wanted to see it. But maybe its just not playing on the east coast? Why!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

I’m really disappointed about this. Seems like the producers of the show should have let him know some more details about when he would be on. i’m sure he’ll let us know though, if he finds out.

The day before sem rode at the silver dome he was on a local talk radio show. He mentioned that discovery had approached him about filming for this show, but it seems that his availability fell out side of their filming times… that or they found kris, who knows…

anyway, it’s still not on. I’m still mildly angry. as long as it’s on sometime and i remember to watch it…

On my tv it says a show that is called more that human is on tonight at 10. It sounds like something that would have uniing on it but the info didn’t say anything about uniing just about a chef who could grip a table with his mouth and a human catapult. Ill watch it anyway though just in case.


I’m watching it, and I don’t think there will be any segment with Kris Holm

I’ll never get that hour back:(

I kept hoping he’d be a “surprise guest” or something.

Why was the episode called “The Power of Cheese”?

He wasn’t on, but what a bizarre TV program. How bout that guy with the popping eyeballs?

It’s barely coming on (at 11:00) in Utah. Sounds like I don’t need to waste my time. But it definitely sounds like a show that Kris would be on.

I had to rush through a packed LA freeway system (Yes, packed at 10:00 PST) after picking up somebody at the airport. I was disappointed once I got home not to see Kris. But, I had never seen this program and the people on it are sort of crazy and/or freaky (allowing oneself to be slung 150’ / 50’ up in the air by a catapult - to - eyeballs poping out of one’s head on command). I hope that Kris is not presented as some crazy freak of nature.

That show was pretty lame. First it was all this hype about some firewalker that would rub his hands on hot chain. But he did it very quickly so it was nothing impressive(untill he actually liicked it and then steam came out then i was somewhat amused). Then there was a wussy lady that got all this symppathy just because of a lame 25’-30’ fall onto soft dirt. Yeah iit could have hurt but really she was wearing a helmet neckbrace and an assortment of other pads in the video so really it was no suprise why she lived. The teeth guy was a flat out retard. The eyebals are worn ou. He has been on evey talk show and amazing thing special known to man. Its a stupid talent that could never help him. I really hope its on next week. I guess ill just have to wait up watching discovery every nigh for a week or so untill it’son. I guess ive been taking my anger out on the show but heck itwas a HUGE dissapointment not to see KH on there.

I taped it last night and watched ER instead. This morning, I placed the tape on double play for quick scanning as I sat eating with my old cereal and burnt English Muffin. The good thing about the show si that it looks like it previews all the “attractions” at the beginning. I didn’t see Kris in the previews, but kept on watching the first segment. After it, they had more previews - No Kris. I gave up and figured I would check this thread to see if it was on and not waste time watching the show.

So, just check the next show at the very beginning to see if Kris is on.

Actually, I heard that they spiced up Kris’s act up to make it more interesting for the TV viewer. First they heat his unicycle to 2700 degrees Fahrenheit. Kris then suicide mounts the flaming unicycle in an asbestos suit, and does a 30 foot drop into a wading pool. This should fit right in with the them of the show.