Kris Holm on Daily Planet!


Today at 9:00 AM, I watched Kris Holm on Daily Planet. He was doing some cool hops, and was showing how he absorbs the drops, and stuff. He was also explaining how Muni and MTBing is different. All the episodes are There so you can see for yourself. You can watch it at the last 7 minutes of episode 200.


That was really cool. I like that a lot. The temperature there in BC looks awesome for unicycling.

If anyone was having a hard time finding the video (I know I was). Here is the direct link:


Nice clip, thanks for the link! Pretty cool to see Kris explain things like balancing on a rail and dropping. I’ve been struggling with rail balancing for a while now, will consider the tips when I try it the next time :).

Old clip, but very good one (still riding 661 Dually shoes from 2005, old 2007 wheel/frame)

Woah! This is THE clip that inspired me to get a unicycle! Awesome!:smiley:

Thanks for the thread, Jacob and the direct link, Isaac.

“a new species on the trail” :slight_smile:

What clear, yet simple explanations for something so complicated.