Kris Holm on A1

A couple of days ago, i saw a documentry sort of thing on A1 about Kris Holm and some other guy unicycling down a volcano. He was riding with this guy who had a big beard and long hair. i can remember his name.
anyway it has the video of that stack how he like does a cartwheel and lands on his head.
did anyone see that?


who you’re talking about is Nathan Hoover.

and probably you were watching ‘into the thunder dragon’ or ‘one tired guy’ or unizaba. i can’t remember which one.

that’s from OTG(one tired guy)

the other guy is Nathan Hoover, who is awesome.

that’s really old. like 9 years old old.

That’s probably Unizaba, its KH with Nathan Hoover. In that he rides down El Pico de Orizaba which is the 3rd highest mountain in North America or something.
Do I win?

yer it looked old. it was still pretty awesome though

The other dude is Nathan Hoover.

The video is called Unizaba and is on the DVD One Tired Guy

And Kris always lands like a cat.

Yes. In the case of that crash, most people would have been sanded away as they slid on their faces over the rocks, where Kris walked away. He did break his helmet though, and that crash was the end of that days’ riding. I think the Orizaba stuff was filmed in 2001 or 2002.

Damn I have really wanted to see that but havn’t had the extra cash to shell out to buiy it.

He was also on Canada AM which is the biggest news morning show in Canada, he had a shitty time though, like 6 oclock or something absurd so I missed it. Apparently he was talking about the new KH models and they followed him doing some north shore stuff.