Kris Holm/Nimbus/Longneck/Nimbus ll/ New Condition

I have a 20" Kris Holm blue longneck aluminium frame with a Nimbus ll wheel, all the other parts are Kris Holm but the pedals.
I also have a black Nimbus ll frame with seatpost, crank arms, seat, in new condition. All the stickers were removed from the Nimbus ll frame.
Would like to sell everything together right now.
I might ship depending on deal made.
I am asking $550 for everything or best offer, its all in new condition never used outside tried a few times in my apartment but never got the hang of it.
Medical bills prompt this sale, if you see my other post I just sold that one but my bills are coming in so they all must go.
I will post more pics tomorrow when I can get the parts out.
I live in Florida near Jacksonville if you want to come by and see everything.
I have most of the parts stored away so I might be wrong about what exactly the parts are, but I bought a new Nimbus ll uni and changed all the parts to Kris Holm so I have all the Nimbus ll parts left over. Confused yet. Lol basically you get two unicycles but only one wheel. Thanks

More pics

More pics.

More pics, sorry but this was the only way I could make this work with the pics.

Everything you see is included with the Kris Holm Longneck pictured above.

Here is the other seat if have this is included with everything else, its the stock Nimbus ll seat.

I am lowing the price to $500 for everything pictured. We can discuss the shipping and see what’s fair.
That’s dust on the corner of the seat there are no scuffs on it.

Final price drop before I try eBay. $475 gets everything shipping would be extra but I would split the cost with you.

No longer for sale.