Kris Holm Muni 24"

Ok so ive narrowed it down to the KH 20" trials and the KH Muni 24" now wat? does anyone have this KH muni 24"? If ya do is dis a good one?could i fit dis uni im bout 5ft 5in and bout 100 lbs :astonished:

You will fit both, but you will have to cut the seat post. (easy)

It relly matters what you want to do with your uni as to which one. Do you like riding trails or trials? The 24in is better for getting place to place, and the 20in gives you more control doing trialsā€¦

ok i already have an lx that i could use for some of the trials things that i do but i like trail riding more so ill get the 24" muni.:slight_smile:
thanks for da help :sunglasses:

are you going to get this one


or this one

cross country

both 24" ers

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what would the advantages of the XC be over the freeride?

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the freeride is heavier duty and it has a 24X3.0 duro tire wheras the xc has a 24X2.6 kenda kinetics tire

Also, The XC has a skinner and lighter rim and shorter cranks (150mm) the freeride has 165mm.

The advantages would be: Being able to go faster due to the shorter cranks lighter rim and tire.

yes i want da freeride 24"

o yea and when i clicked on it it said it was $520 is that in american money?

Yeah, get the freeride. The XC is designed for old people.


yea i dont want dat old gramma uni :astonished:

K just so everyone knows now when it says XC all it means is the rim is a bit narrower nothing else same strength and everything k. I got this information from the man himself KRIS HOLM so dont use XC anymore use FREERIDE LIGHT:D