Kris Holm Moment or Nimbus Venture cranks?

which is better?

moments are stronger, but weigh more.

Better is a hard term as it depends on your usage - but assuming you want it for trials the moments are probally what your looking for.

I was going to ask some friends for some specific input regarding this, but since this thread is here and rather vague, I may come in and ‘hijack’ a bit.

I understand KH moments are better for flat (and not just due to the rollos), but HOW much better are they compared to ventures? considering width and Q-factor.

May seem like a frivolous question, but I’m short on money. I’m more than happy to upgrade if they will make a considerable improvement in my riding, however.

My first muni came with Venture cranks. Later I got some used Moments for a good price. The most noticeable difference was the offset. I prefer the offset of Moments (as well as Sinz, Echo and other cranks that have similar offset). I feel more stable and I don’t hub my heel on the crank arms as much. I’m looking forward to the new, hopefully lighter, Moments.

definately the moment cranks, they are so super strong and you can drill the hell out of them to make them lighter, rodger from UDC informed me that no one hasever broken them (appart from people that have drilled them/misused them) im riding these at the moment and they are great :smiley: worth every penny

Just out of curiosity, has anybody ever broken a pair of Ventures IIs?

my venture IIs are super bent.

How’d you bend them?

5ft drop to flat. im 220 pounds and on a 26in muni

Haha that’ll do it. I don’t see myself doing any 5ft drops let alone 5 inch drops in the near future plus I’m 110lbs so they should hold up fine for me.

oh they will be great. i rode with a guy today doing 7ft drops with 125s

Tall tale?

The Ventures are plenty strong, same aluminum alloy as the Moments.

The real difference is in the Q factor, Moments have lots of Q, Ventures have practically none, so it depends on what you prefer.

I like a wider stance because I feel like a broader base gives me more control, while others have said that they like to have their feet in closer to improve flow and spin.

For Q factor comparisons only, the Ventures are like Tensiles and K1, the Moments are like QuAx streets and QuAx cast aluminum cranks.

The Ventures are super light, so if you are all about weight then get the Venture II. I have not bent a pair and I have not seen a pair bent. Call UDC and ask them if they have warranteed any bent Ventures.

here you go ben


'kin hell I was chuffed with my 1ft drop :stuck_out_tongue: That is pretty epic

Now that is Moment crank territory!

Can’t see it from work, but I’ll assume it is a big drop, SO my only response is:

Why are you hot shot unicyclists not meeting me to ride? Open invitation, I ride three to four times a week…

Wait, maybe you are only good at dropping/falling off stuff, but can’t ride over/up/through natural terrain?

Me thinks some young men need to come meet me for some trail riding… :smiley:

Yes, the gauntlet has been thrown down!

I am up for some MUni i have transisoned to pure DH like wind rock but id be up for some!

Mr DH, puleeze, just show up to ride some day and I won’t rag you so hard :roll_eyes:

So who’s your buddy? He looks old, has a beard right, so can he ride trail or just fall off high stuff?

You guys gonna make it to Raccoon Mountain? Get there early so you can scout out the area, I was there a few weeks ago, you’ll need to be creative, but there are plenty of places to go big with good landings. Bring a shovel and a broom.

I will ride ASAP

chris. he is 24. hi is 95 percent trials.

We are IDK if we are going. i am so confused about were to sleep there


I just bought nimbus 26" muni and it comes with 165mm venture cranks .that seems so long of a crank. I’m used to 150 and 125…so udc has KH moments 137mm for 50 bucks…the close up seems to show maybe a helicoil steel thread fitting where you screw in the pedals…this seems like it would be stronger than just pedals into alum…but I don’t no for sure… :thinking:


The Moments are very strong, the inserts are very strong, the biggest diffeence betwen the two cranks is Q factor offset. For a 26", 165’s are long, 135’s are short, but I have riden them both on a 26 and found that they both have their advantages. I run 150 Moments on my 26 now and I can do more on that set up than I can on my 29 with 165’s.

Though I once rode the 26 with 165’s, I wouldn’t consider doing that now, it’s just not necessary and it ruins the ride quality by increasing the choppiness. I recently went back to running 165/135 on my 29er and it has been okay, though the big wheel flow has gone away, but I do have the 135 position if I want a different feel.

The bigger Q on the moments is going to make a difference in terms of increasing your base of support, it really just depends on what you like to ride, how steep you go, if you have a brake, your experience with riding. Short cranks spin much better and really reduce the jerkiness of the ride, so flow is improved. But if you’re riding super tech stuff with big ups and downs, I’d err on the side of longer.