Kris holm Moment crank Arms on e-bay, 150mm

MUNI riders:
I’ve been wondering what to do with these new KH crank arms that I got last year. They are from one of the batches that came out with mis-machined splines and they don’t orient exactly at 6 and 12 oclock. I’ve been told I was being too picky about this and I wouldn’t notice after a while, but I thougth I would and when I got the new ones. they didn’t want these back. No reserve auction and I don’t really know how much interest there will be in these anyway. Check it out at:


Looks like someone could get a great deal.

I have the same cranks, with that offset, and don’t feel it.

Do you know if it is both left and right cranks that are off or just one of them?

I just realized that my cranks are the longer 165mm, so I bid on these 150mm.

not in uk :frowning:

KH Moment cranks

In the crude measuring that I did when I discovered a problem, I found that they both appear to be off a little bit.

Hey, I bid on the cranks, but didn’t see that you weren’t going to ship to Canada. It looked like a great deal.

I have retracted my bids, please let ebay know that this was my mistake, but that I am not a bad guy. Thanks, Ben

alright i won the auction and have payed thanks.:slight_smile:

Yes, I mailed them off Saturday

Ok Llamaman, you should get them Tuesday.