Kris Holm Lutkus Videos

There used to be a set of Kris Holm Tirla’s Workshop movies here:
But that site appears to be gone. Now I want to watch those movies again, but obviously I can’t find them.
Does anyone have an alternative URL? Or, if you have the videos downloaded, can you upload them to a new gallery?

They are now at:

They will also soon be up at


i cant get any of them to play

I can only get the sound to play but no picture

They ARE now at - check the ‘Trials Skills’ Page for a full list of them (they’re down the bottom of the page)


Sweeet, thank you muchly. I’m sure watching these movies will instantaneously make me as good as Kris Holm.

Not to sound picky or anything, but if possible, could you change the file type from AVI to something else? My computer downloads those sooo slowly. It’s currently going around 10 KB/Sec, meaning it’ll take about 45 minutes to download.

So if that’s possible, it would be useful. If not, then I’ll just live with it, somehow… :slight_smile:

If you’re downloading the files from be kind to his poor little server. He runs the server from his own personal computer and it doesn’t have a lot of bandwidth. If there are other people trying to download the files at the same time then the download is going to be slow.

The KH Workshop videos are compressed with DivX 3. You’ll need the DivX codec to play the videos. Get the standard free version of the codec. The link says “Standard DivX Codec(FREE)”. There is no need to get the Pro version or the ad supported version just to play videos.

The videos are also at 720x480 resolution. That’s way overkill. Reducing the resolution and re-encoding with MPEG1 would reduce the file size. But Jeff made them DivX so that’s what we’ve got. When Andrew puts them on his tutorial site he might want to re-encode them to make them smaller and make them MPEG-1.

I’m working on it at the moment. Then Peter will put them up on OUR (not my) site. I’m saving them as .mov files because that’s the only way I know how without producing a file that can’t be played by everyone. They’re all going to be between about 2 and 4MB, 320x240, and at 25fps.


Okay, I’ve done two of them. I’m waiting for the others to download. They’re taking a while and were disconnected once.

The first two will appear here - - about 2 minutes after this post.


The much smaller hopping tutorial is up now (on its only about 3mb and took me about a second to download, so there you go James. The others, in smaller verison, should go up in the next few days.

Just to let you know, it still calls it an AVI video on the site. Also, it might be worth mentioning on the site the filesize for these KH tutorials as people will most likely assume that they’re just the regular big files. In fact that might be a good thing to have for all the videos. Just a thought.

There should be one more in ‘album123’ by now.


Oh woops, thanks for pointing that out andrew, I’ll change that, and i’ll add the other one.