Kris Holm Legwarmers

I went for a ride with my new Kris Holm leg armour tonight. It seems fairly well constructed, and appears to protect from shin-bashing quite well. I have never worn any other leg armour before, so I don’t know how to compare it, but it was so hot! I think I will put it away until the winter, because I don’t usually fear for my shins, and the coolness of riding without pads is much more comfortable. One thing I noticed when I got them, is that someone had trouble with the sewing machine, leaving big loops at one end. It’s not going to be a problem because I can always sew it back up if the stitching comes undone, I just thought it was funny since the Armour was made in Canada and I expected it to be done with the highest of standards. I’ve got myself some expensive leg warmers, but I don’t know, they might come in handy one day.

…no comments about Canada… There are too many of you and I would get beat up.

Re: Kris Holm Legwarmers

High stantdards, yes if you are talking about fare wages and proper working conditions. But the bottom line is it is still a factory full of people who are making minimum wage and do not care about what they are making. Buying stuff made in Canada only ensures that it was not made by children behind locked doors.

Chris Rock on Minimum Wage:

‘If I could pay you less…I WOULD’

I have 661’s they are not just expensive leg warmers they also protect your legs but if you don’t wear them you will never find that out.i would wear them in the summer as they make you less scared of getting hurt so you do more stuff and progress more. i would recomend wearing them on small rides first to get used to wearing them and then work up to day long rides.