Kris Holm Leg Armor Differences

Hi all,

I just received my new kris holm leg armor. The picture of the armor on the kris holm site is different from mine…or so it seems. Is one a newer version then the other? I ordered them from

Yes, shows the older version, but you should have received the most current version. Sometimes old stock is sold at a good discount, like the moment cranks, to clear old inventory and to make room for the newest versions. Kris hasn’t yet fully updated the pics to reflect the new design, but he should be doing that soon. I believe the first two pics on his website look to be the new design, and the second two are the previous version. One of the improved features of the new version is the molded knee cap.

Those first two pics are the ‘Arm Armor’, aren’t they?

Yeah I think you’re right. I ran out of editing time, but I think may still be selling the old percussion leg armour, according not only to the pics, but also the description.

@trueuni: Do the leg guards you got look like the pics in the advert? If so, then they ARE the old version. And if you ordered based on that advert, then you got exactly what they show.

They don’t look like the ones showing in the pic. Does the kris holm website show the newer ones at the bottom of the page? Did my pictures that I inserted open up okay? I think my armour has the molded knee cap.

Ok then those are the NEW version. Congrats! :slight_smile:

Please post some pics of them if you can.

The new ones are far more comfortable and close fitting at the knee joint, my only concern is a few people have expressed concerns about the new flexible knee material which is not as tough but required for the excellent fit and flexabuility. Kris kindly replied to my post in the 2012 kh gear thread saying his pair has stood up fine to his riding wich is good enogh for me.

If anyone has the old ones I would highly recomend an upgrade especially if you ride longer distances

Thanks for your kind remind. It’s time for me to upgrade it.

I got the new ones. the fit is a bit tight for people with big legs but beyond that i love them i like the bomb proof protection that they have for me.



Yeah that’s the new version. Does it have a flap that covers the back as well?


I am even more happy that i got the new ones!

Thinking about getting a pair of those. I’m not sure which size should I get. And being a foreigner, the sentence “measure the length of your leg from the top of your ankle joint to the middle of your knee.” is a bit obscure. Middle of the knee, fine. Top of ankle joint? Where exactly is that on my body?

If I measure from the middle of the knee to below the ankle (the line that says “Ankle” on the above drawing, on the right), I have 45cm. I’m 5ft11" tall.

“Top” is slightly confusing because I thought the armor is supposed to cover the ankle…

I can see how that could be confusing for sure. Measure from the base of your foot at the blue line shown by my expertly crafted graphic. :wink:


I am 5’11", 179cm
I have the Large size, but I feel it is a bit short…my ankles are NOT protected :frowning:
if I pull them down to cover ankle bone(?the part the protrude towards the inside of my leg), the knee protection is obviously too low. If I pull up to fit my knees well, it’s a good inch above my ankle bone. I pull them up all the way when I use them, but either way, it moves around when I ride… I cut up some cheap soccer shin guard’s ankle protection and wear those beneath the kh armor.
I really can’t go to XL size either, because even with Large, I have to tighten them almost all the way since I’m thin, 135lb, 61kg.

Get the XL. I’m 5’9" 170lbs. I had the Mediums (old version) and my 5.10’s are high tops so the ankles were covered but I did bash my knees a couple of times. I’ve handed the Mediums down to my 10 year old daughter and they actually work quite well for her. I ordered XL when I got the new version and I love them! They are a little baggy around the ankle area but totally doable and the knee protection is much improved. I’ve tried many different types (see my reviews in my albums) but I always come back to my KH percussions. They are a great product!

Seeing that I’m also 5"11, and that measuring from my knee to the blue line on the amazingly crafted drawing, I have decided to go for the XL.

Thanks everybody!

I’m 6’0" and I found the XL size too tall for me (the plastic shin part would dig into the tendon that curves toward the tongue of the shoe). So it’s probably more of an inseam thing than height. The Large size is better for me (that’s what I’m riding now). But I’ve thought about trying mediums.

But whatever the size, I really like them. They saved me twice this morning when I went down hard on frozen trails. Love KH products.

Thanks for your feedback! If you measure your legs as described, what’s the length?