kris holm leg amour and pulse gloves

i have a pair of kris Holm pulse gloves M in excellent condition virtually new.
and a pair of kris Holm leg amour M which has been used but still in good condition

i’m asking £50 for the gloves and leg amour together the reason i’m selling is that they no longer fit me as i have grown

email me at for pictures or more information

Would you sell these seperately?
If yes, how much for the gloves?

Thanks, James

Hi James

I am able to sell the gloves separately for £15
Hope this helps


Cool, cheers mate :slight_smile:
Are they the fingerless ones, also what colour are they?

If you still have them next Thursday (payday) I’ll probably have them.

Cheers, James

They are full finger gloves and black and brown


Thanks for the rapid reply mate :slight_smile:

I hope you’ve still got them next week…I’ll definitely be wanting them!

On a side note…fancy meeting for a ride sometime? (if you haven’t sold everything by then :wink: )


How much would you sell the leg armour for? And do you have any pictures?


Are the gloves still for sale mate? I’d like to buy them please :slight_smile:

Yes the gloves are still for sale email me to discuss postage and other information