Kris Holm KH24 Uni - Zero Saddle No Brake

Selling my trusty Kris Holm 24 Inch unicycle. Its in good shape.

Asking $400 + shipping. I am willing to discount the uni $25 if you don’t want the saddle. I’ll also take $10 off if you don’t want the seatpost.

Shipping in the US will likely be $25 - $50. Send me your address and I can provide a quote.

A few scuffs here and there. No damage to anything. Bearings are good. Tire probably has 75%+ tread left. Saddle has a tear a round the bolt hole (see pics). I purchased the saddle this way over a year ago and the tear has not gotten any worse after being ridden quite a bit.

It has a mix of familiar Kris holm components:

–KH24 Frame (2012-2014 version) - disc and Magura rim brake mounts (no brake included)
– KH rim
– KH Moment hub
– KH Moment cranks (drilled out)
– KH Zero saddle with custom rear guard
–KH pivotal seatpost - 250mm total length
– Wellgo Clear/Blue pedals that come stock on the KH24

– Tire: specialized Big Roller - 24x2.8 - over a pound (~700g) or so lighter than the Duro wildlife typically seen on this uni.