Kris Holm KH24 Muni stolen in Ware, Hertfordshire, UK

Hi all

Sorry to register just to post this, but my KH24 has been stolen from outside my flat in Ware, east Hertfordshire. It’s blue, 24-inch wheel, unmodified, the only distinguishing mark is that the paint is slightly rubbed off on the right fork as that’s the side I tend to lean. If anyone has seen it advertised for sale, dumped in a river, or otherwise noticed a used mountain unicycle where previously there was not one, please get in touch via the forum or email me at


Matte Black

sorry to hear that. will keep an eye out on ebay/craigslist/gumtree etc.

Hi. I live in ware too. I’ll keep an eye open.

Thanks for the replies, folks - very much appreciated.