Kris Holm ISIS Spirit DoubleHole (127/150mm) Cranks

I am putting up for sale one (barely used) set of KH Spirit cranks. They are of the 127/150mm double hole variety and they do have the spider on the right crank so they are disc brake compatible. I’ve just finished ordering myself a new set of 137/165mm cranks (better suited for 29er MUni in Kentucky) from UDC USA for which I paid $120 + $8.05 USPS shipping. They are still listing these (127/150mm) as “out of stock” so this might be your only chance to get a pair of these for a while and is also why I am asking full retail value plus shipping (USPS within the continental United States only) which is $128.05 (Firm! No other offers will be considered! I would move them to my 26er before I would go down on my price.) to be paid via PayPal. Send me a PM if you are interested.

Price drop

I got my 165/137’s today. Swapped out my 150/127’s and noticed one slight imperfection on the left crank’s 127 hole (never even used the 150 hole) where the pedal (KH stock Wellgo) dug in (didn’t over tighten) a spot. So I’m dropping my price to $99 (one $ for each view as of today) but you pay shipping. These are still out of stock at UDC USA so it might be a while before you can score a pair in this size. Hit me on the PM. Here are some pics:

The Spirit cranks have been sold

These Spirit cranks have been sold. I’ve still got two extra pairs of Moment cranks both double hole. One pair of 165/137 and one pair of 150/125. UDC USA sold out of all it’s double hole Moments except for the shortest variety 125/110 and they retail for $109 on sale for $63 so I’m starting the bidding at $60 per pair (1/2 the price of a new pair of Spirits) plus shipping or I can bring them to Asheville next month. This would be a good chance for someone to get in the double hole game for cheap.

I havent gotten into the double hole game this cheap since I went to Costa Rica!

I may be interested in the moments if I get the Oracle 26 off of UDC. Which one would you recommend?


are the Spirit cranks still for sale ? I have some parts for trade (, would you be up to an offer parts + money (if the parts aren’t sufficient) ?