Kris Holm ISIS Hub and cranks, 2007, 2008 or 2009

Wanted: Kris Holm Hub and ISIS Moment crank arms
I prefer new/unused hub and cranks w/ dual hole 125/150.
I have cash, paypal or I also have Magura rim brakes, both HS33 and HS22 to trade if you wnat


Couldn’t get in on the Bastard’s ludicrously-cheap KH hub deal?

hub deal

Hey, how did you find out about that all the way across the country?

There are spies everywhere :wink:

And ridiculously good deals are hard to keep secret. . .

Yes, yes, what ever . . . So yes, I’m still looking for a KH hub, and I should add that the nimbus ISIS (2008 KH clone?) hub is ok too.

Bummer it’s in the USA. I have a KH hub I want to unload (blue 07-08), not new but minimal use. Postage from AU would probably make it a no go.

i have a koxx hub and crank set along with some koxx spokes. they will lace up to kh,nimbus, koxx, nearly any 36hole rim you want. pm me cause i hardly ever check forums.

I don’t think that is quite what I was looking for.
Thanks tho Joe

Ok, now I have the cranks I need, so I just need a KH or Nimbus ISIS Hub


Still need a KH or Nimbus ISIS Hub

Hub found. Thanks all.