Kris Holm interview

Hi everyone,

For those who didn’t read my post ‘ - New dutch webpage’, I had a dutch interview with Kris Holm on there, and I’ve had lots of reactions on it to put the English version online, and seeing as I went to aaaaall the trouble to do so I actually want people to look at it…

Here’s the interview:



That was a good interview. He said he hopes the Guni’s should be out before winter…that’s good. And it also sounds like the 06 KH cranks are Magic.

thanks, it was a great read.

that was great.

um, what’s FLUCK?

it would be so nice to have a gmuni. :roll_eyes:

thanks for posting it,

cool, thanks Dustin. How long ago did the interview take place? I’m really keen on knowing more about these cranks and anything else new about the August/September 06Trials before I buy.

It’s a unicycling event:

The interview took place on the 11th of August.


Dustin Schaap

Thank you, that was a very nice interview.

Nice interview. i liked thew answer he gave for number 6 about the sport and it being just the right size


im everywhere


Please Kris, it’s only a week or so until they ship isn’t it? We’ve been patient, what are all the juicy details? Photos?

Another thing, does anyone else feel like these soon-to-be-released cranks should maybe get referred to as the 2007 models?