Kris Holm interview

KH on past, present & future. + Kris duplicating what inspired him to uni (riding while playing the violin, VERY well IMO), many old riding clips.

(Sorry if it’s already been posted)

I hadn’t seen that one before. Thanks! Riding clips from a range of years and a new interview with interesting thoughts on the sport and his experiences.

Hadn’t seen it. Great documentary with KH.

Everything he says in this is what I try to tell people, when they ask me why I unicycle. I probably don’t describe it so perfectly though :slight_smile:

Great vid, thanks for sharing.

Well worth watching.

It also catches a few muni moves worth studying.

Agreed. My favorite part of the vid is when he describes unicycling as a sort of all-or-nothing thing. You can’t stop concentrating or let your mind wander, or you fall. Unicycling has a very meditative aspect to it IMO. :slight_smile: