kris holm? how do they rank?

i’m a experience rider, and want to know how the kris holm stack up to the competition?
for durability performance, ect.

i’m looking for a high end muni

o by the way i’m looking at the 24"



They rank very highly.

For me, the only problem is the rim, cause its drilled, and compared to past rims ive ridden on that are udrilled, it tends to bend a bit easier.

But, there is a higher percent of people who have no problem with the rim. And even if you do, there is a good selection of other rims that can replace it.

Going for the KH is a good stock option. For the money, the KH24 is definitely worth it. I would personally wait for an 08 model, which addresses the issue of the rim bending with spoke positioning and other things that I can’t say.

thanks guys

i got one off of ebay. its gets here sat- so stoked.

should be fun.

He sure is an amazing rider…was reading his article the other day :smiley: