Kris Holm Fusion Zero Saddle & 200mm Pivotal Post

Kris Holm Fusion Zero Saddle & 200mm Pivotal Seat Post

Used, but in good condition - blue stripe has started to wear, but they all do that!

£30 including shipping to UK

Sending pm now!

Oh… will the seat post fit my qx series 36er???

Edit: If it’s a 25.4mm then it’ll fit and I’d like to buy please :slight_smile:

Do you still sell it? I’d like to buy it, can you ship it to Czech Republic?

<<<<< Called it first! lol

Wow, just tried it out… No offense :slight_smile:

Hehe :smiley:

Hi Tony,

I can sell you one with a 27.2mm seatpost if you want. And as I am in Germany, shipping should be cheaper :wink:


Now sold - hope the new owner enjoys:)

I’m sure I will :wink:

Ahhh damn! I missed the post by 20 minutes this morning… Guess I’ve gotta wait for the redelivery :frowning:

It arrived today!

Here it is on my 36er

Thanks Nasher :slight_smile: