kris holm fusion street gel questions.

whats up dudes and dudets?! i’m back after taking a breack from the computer so don’t expect alot of feedback from me k?!?!

well anyway i got myself a torker dx for my birthday in august and was wondering if getting this kris holm seat would help with trials,street,180 unispins,and just all around SIF riding.

also doess it hurt anymore than the normall dx seat to jump big drops?

I would go for it. They are way better for Trials and 180unispins…not as much for street but some.

Yes I would buy a Kris Holm Fusion Street.

Yes! It is so much better than the old Kris Holm style seats.

My 24" muni/street has a Kris Holm freeride saddle(the fusion gel with the channel cut into it) and it makes a very big difference. I also have it on a rail adapter so its tilted up about 8 deg to make it more comfortable.

so the street saddle isnt so good for street?

Yeah it is. It’s great for street!

I have it, it’s a huge LEAP above the DX seat. It’s perfect for SIF. Definately go for it.

ya you will not regret it, its a very nice saddle

i wouldn’t buy it over a DX seat only because I know how to modify them so that I like the DX seat better.

I modded my DX seat, and still preferred the KH

it depends on how well it turns out. i am pretty good at stuff like this, I actually modded mine 2x. and both times it was more comfortable than the KH. the second time it was better for street/trials too. my brother decided to rip it in 1/2 … so its contact cemented together now…but its still as comfy as the KH… which is getting nice and broken in now…with the ultraseatstiffener.

My DX seat = My KH seat. :stuck_out_tongue:

oh how is the nimbus seat?

cause a 180 unispin is hardcore trials…

and i think the street saddle is very uncomfortable except for SIF riding. and you need a bit of comfort to get your booze at a convention. Numbus gel is very nice i really like it, same as a koxx one really. I have a modified koxx saddle and its awesome. but i’d say the koxx foam is pretty much the same as the nimbus gel foam +gel.

Also the quax street saddle is probs the best value. Very similar to the nimbus gel and cheaper. All depends wether u mind the yellow bumpers.

ok what about koxx one saddle the foux saddle looks comfy!

makes no difference. Just for looks. However koxx saddles are nice, but overpriced. in shape and feel they are very similar to quax street or nimbus gel.

thanks brendan

ok so i’d say the kh is the best way to go…are there any places were i can buy it for cheaper than is one place I can remember.

Doing a serch on google or something will bring up some other stores that sell them for less than UDC.

Your LBS might have them too, so check them out.