Kris Holm Freestyle

weird we dont have these over here…the KH20’s over here are orange so theres another differance…

Re: Kris Holm Freestyle

We will soon.


How about a no-handle version of the KH seat, or an accessory bumper without the handle (sold separately)? That would be great for a Freestyle uni.

Accessory bumpers without the handle should be available soon if they aren’t already, and they should be pretty inexpensive.

It didn’t happen this time but I may spec future orders with an included spare handless front bumper. Or I may spec it with no handle at all. Is there any reason I should include a handle on this uni, for people who don’t want it for pure freestyle (ie hockey, basketball, etc)?


handleless seats are arround in the u.k.

called “velo” in the website.

roger looks after us in the u.k. you know

Apparently they have been in the UK catalog for a while, but they still don’t seem to be available at in the US.

The handle is only in the way for freestyle, to my knowledge. For most, if not all, other types of riding, the handle should be welcome. For me it only gets in the way when doing unispins, and tricks where the legs go around the front of the seat.

I don’t think it would be necessary to include extra handles/bumpers in the box, for a majority of riders who might never switch them. Just having the no-handle bumper available to buy also should be enough for the relatively small percentage of serious freestylers.

But we need access to 'em here in the US!

whats the over,under for J-Foss ever quotiing me?especialy in a thread that i start…the coat tails are amazing!

how long

how long are the handles expected to last on the kh as they are no avable yet i just want to know i know this will depend heavly on useage but a ruff estimate would be nice.

KH Saddle

I got myself a KH saddle with no handle. I was complaining to Tony about how I broke my one and how I wanted a discount. He ended up selling me a regular KH seat (3rd generation apparently) without the front handle, and without a front bumper. Initially he was going to take the front bumper off a freestyle seat and put it on the one I wanted, but we realised that the freestyle KH seat only had two bolts at the front, and the handle uses four bolts. Since I was not planning to use the front bumper (I used the handle from the snapped seat) I ended up getting it with bare bolts at the front. So far so good, the seat is comfortable and it does not flex anywhere near as much as my first one, hopefully it will stay that way. I just need to put some washers or something under the Kinport adapter because it doesn’t quite fit as snug as the CF airseat.

Personally, I like having a handle on my seats no matter what im doing.

John Foss

If you want a KH seat without a handle, I have Black with Yellow end caps in stock.

With handles, I have all Black or Black with Yellow handles in stock.